Welcome to EarthSeeds

Want to change the world? Then change your global view! We offer globes, earth images, classroom presentations, events, music, theatre, online dialogue and other tools for exploring our interconnected world. We invite you to join us!

Earthseeds = Earth's Images Connects Us All

Earthseeds is about scattering, planting, watering and nurturing the seeds of Earth Awareness into the Hearts and Minds of us all.

We've been referred to as the "Johnny Appleseed" of "Environmental Literacy Education". Many people know of us from the networking we do with the " Planet in Every Classroom" project. Even though we've taken a proactive role in "paying it forward", this project, like all Earthseeds projects, is an open source celebration, enlisting the actions of each "Crewmember of Spaceship Earth" for the benefit of our entire crew. Everyone needs to see our home planet the way Astronauts do. The Earth, as seen from space, is our "Global Family Portrait" - what we call the "Astronaut's View". The men and women who have sailed among the stars have seen our fragile tiny craft and know how we need to shift our consciousness to taking better care of Earth; our only home. To this noble end, we have a growing family of "Earthseeds Ambassadors" whose mission it is to inform, inspire, integrate and involve our crew in this great "Up-Wising" We are awakening now tof truly seeing ourselves in the universal mirror. The time has come to see... we are "All One Family".

We're All Crewmembers

...Community Sustainable Bus - the Sus Bus

A moving Sustainable Living Fair, the Sus Bus is a community owned bus that can be taken to events, schools, and more to spread the word about sustainable living, renewable energy, and a bright vision of the future.

...Sharing A New Global Perspective

Like the astronauts, children are quick to appreciate that we are all actually crewmembers and caretakers of spaceship Earth. Our photorealistic inflatable globes, earth posters and postcards help young people (and adults) see the beauty, specialness and highly interdependent nature of our world.

...Earth Curriculum and Learning Resources

If everyone is a Crewmember, where is the user's manual? At EarthSeeds we make it fun to learn about and care for our planet. We offer resources and this website to guide your learning, as well as a complete standards-based, interdisciplinary curriculum kit for grades K-6. Climate, recycling, water cycle, and wildlife conservation are just a few of the topics to explore.

...EarthSeeds Action Projects

Mobilize your class, friends, community or youth group to take action about what you've learned. Restore a habitat, make friends with a class in another country, write a report about an issue, start a recycling program, create a poem, organize a festival, or make a display about caring for our Earth. Everyone is automatically a Crewmember of planet Earth, so talk with your friends and get started today!

Send Your Global Youth Voice Entry for Online Display on Earth Day

It's up to all of us to plant the seeds and spread the message of caring for our planet. So take a moment to share with us!

It's easy to take part. Just tell us what your class or youth group is learning or doing that can help our planet, and we'll share your ideas with others around the world through our Global Youth Voice project. We'll post your group's project on our website and help you spread the word to the media and your community. All we need is a page of text and a photo if possible. Your work could be a project description, research paper, essay, performance, poem, or multimedia project.

We hope to have works from young people representing many places, ideas and points of view in time for an online gallery here on Earth Day.

EarthSeeds is currently in 24 countries. Our Global Youth Voice Awards on EarthDay will help young people learn from each other worldwide.

EarthSeeds Crewmembers at Baywood Elementary in San Mateo, California used the EarthSeeds idea to start a recycling and Trashless Lunch Box program.

View our EarthSeeds Flash presentation.