The EarthSeeds Story

EarthSeeds was founded by a forest ranger looking for a better way to teach young people about our planet. The result is lesson plans, activities and dialogue that truly engage young people.

EarthSeeds planetary education tools include an extensive curriculum kit, a photorealistic inflatable globe, and other teaching materials. Teachers tell us their students are eager to learn about global issues and that our products inspire levels of interest they rarely see in other subjects.

And we're now launching an effort take our success with learning to kids around the world through our Global Youth Voice project.

The Next Step: Developing Global Citizenship and Learning

Through our Global Youth Voice project, young people will develop communications skills, share ideas, learn from each other, and build global understanding and friendships.

A class in Africa might enhance our understanding of wildlife issues by sharing information about their area and what they are doing about local conservation efforts. Other students might tackle water issues in their area of the Middle East, streambed restoration or energy saving measures in their home town.

As we gain stories from around the world, we will intruduce a monthly e-newsletter in 2006 that will have topic ideas, resources, and opportunities for you and your students to share what they are learning through our Global Youth Voice and PenPal programs. Anyone is welcome to join in the dialogue and discovery of what it means to be global learners and global citizens.

Connecting Educators and Resources

Our monthly e-newsletter will also share examples of how educators are using new interdisciplinary methods such as service learning, technology, theatre, language arts, math and even music to learn about our planet.

We're enlisting the help of youth, partner organizations, educators and volunteers from around the world who have expertise in each of our planetary education areas so we can provide monthly updates with links to new resources, news, local youth learning projects and teaching ideas.

Connect nationally and internationally with other people who are interested in global literacy, global citizenship and helping to build a better world! To receive our monthly updates or assist us with our project, please contact us for further information. Send an email to


Community Sustainable Bus. Imagine a sustainability fair on wheels! That's the concept behind the Sus Bus. A place where nonprofits, green builders, renewable energy advocates, and other SS Earth crewmembers can share their knowledge and services, and spread the word about a better future.

EarthSeeds Vision EarthSeeds engages young people because they are a tremendous untapped resource for bringing the world's peoples together, imagining a better world, and solving global issues by changing our global view. EarthSeeds develops civic engagement and skills for tomorrow's leaders by developing critical thinking, media literacy, civic engagement, and 21st century technology skills for the future. EarthSeeds brings together international educators, businesses, NGOs, and government agencies to work with youth because living together successfully in a global world requires greater dialogue and understanding. EarthSeeds includes people of all backgrounds and viewpoints who seek to gain common ground and be respectful of others. We believe everyone has something to contribute, something to teach, and something to learn.