"There are lots of things we give to our children - Love, money, values, genetics; but perhaps the most important thing we all pass on to our children is this Earth we live on. As we create this new millennium, let us join together in recognizing and honoring our essential Unity as Crewmembers here on Spaceship Earth. I can think of no greater gift we can give than that of a healthy Earth and a positive future for our greatest natural resource - our children. Please join with me in helping usher in "New Energy for a New Era" by supporting the outreach programs of the Spaceship Earth Foundation. I whole-heartedly endorse their fun, positive, non-political and all-inclusive approach to educating ourselves into a new world view. The time has come for us to join hands and celebrate our togetherness as we enter this new millennium with a positive shift in our hearts, minds, words and deeds. Truly, we are all astronauts exploring this lovely Spaceship we call Earth. Let us find a powerful source of "renewable energy" inside each and every one of us as we renew our committments to living lightly on the Earth. Lets do our best to strive for a sustainable future for all our Crewmembers! "

Sincerely, Dottie Lamm ( Former 1st Lady of Colorado & US Senator Candidate - wife of Former Gov Dick Lamm )

"Allowing our citizens the opportunity to experience the most accurate and authentic replicated earth ever created will inspire an interest in our environment for generations to come. The Share the Earth Project is truly valuable."

Richard Skorman Vice Mayor of Colorado Springs