Paying it Forward

We want to encourage you and your friends to Pay it Forward and keep our Gifts in Motion.  This is how the world really works if you look at the bigger picture. Parents offset the debt for their upbringing by paying it forward to their own children. Those children pay it forward to their own children and so on. Those teachers and experts who learned well from others are paying if forward by teaching those who will live on long after they are gone. Each tree, each plant, each animal takes what it was given and adds to it what it has learned in life and builds bridges to the future by paying it forward.

We offer lots of opportunities for you to enjoy "Paying it Forward" via Earthseeds Projects. All our projects are based on this key premise that as you are blessed and helped - return the favor by blessing and helping others. Pay it Forward is a great way of both Giving and Living.  We wil GIVE your Classroom a Poster IF you will BUY another one to Pay it Forward to others on down the line.

There is a famous movie called "Pay It Forward"