Earth in Every Classroom, Camp and Place of Worship

Help us get an Earth poster or inflatable globe in every classroom and youth serving organization around the world. The view of earth from space is a great first step towards learning about and appreciating our world. If you are traveling around your community or the planet, bring a poster or globe and make a gift to a youth program in the area. Support materials will be coming soon.

"I have looked into your website, and it is a very important tool for bringing motivation and emotions into the process of individual growth, empowerment and global citizenship."

Hans Levander Chairperson of Life-Link Friendship Schools Program

Share Ideas and Learn With Other Youth Around the World

As schools and youth groups around the world increasingly link up to the internet, EarthSeeds has developed a new Global Youth Voice Awards to recognize the work of young people and share learning project ideas that are building a healthier world such as recycling, wildlife conservation, water issues, peace, climate change, etc.

EarthSeeds Global Youth Voice is inviting school classes and youth groups of all ages to research a global issue of concern and tell how it relates to your region or show what your are doing to address the problem. Share your work, learn from the experiences of other young people in other parts of the world, and find new ways to collaborate and dialogue about global issues that you have in common.

Your project can take many forms -- an essay, service project, news documentary, theater performance, artwork, poem, song, video, photo journal, multimedia, story, dialogue or community event. Anything that communicates about an issue and can serve as a model to inspire others to learn more and take action.

Your entry should be emailed to us and consist of 500 words or less about your research or project so we can post it on our web site, and if you can, send us a photo that helps tell your story. Please work on this as a team, as we can only take one entry per youth group or class.

If you have additional content or multimedia related to your project, we can link to your site. As we post your entries to our site, you'll be able to read what others have written, share ideas, and learn from other youth around the world!

Youth Voice Sponsorship & Media Opportunities
We are seeking major sponsors as well as thematic sponsors for topic areas such as energy, food and water and special category sponsors such as photography, poetry, music, reporting, multimedia, etc.

We will also working to gain local and international recognition for our youth projects and supporters in conjunction with Earth Day celebrations.

Youth Voice Awards & Publicity Leading Up to EarthDay

six winners chosen from different areas of the world will receive an EarthSeeds Curriculum Kit and Inflatable Globe. At our option we may also provide Honorary Mention awards to recognize outstanding work in special categories such as photography, reporting, multimedia, poetry, etc.

Being part of EarthSeeds Global Youth Voice is also a great way to get publicity for your group, and you can announce your entry as well as tell your community about entries from around the world on our site.

Entry deadline is March 22, 2007. Send your entries to us at and we'll keep everyone updated about the latest entries and discussion.

Help Out By Telling Others About Global Youth Voice

We encourage you to help us spread the word to other youth groups, schools, agencies, organizations, and your own agency members around the world. The more locations around the world that participate, the more fun and learning we'll all be able to enjoy.

Possible Topic Areas

Topics might include cultural understanding, protecting natural resources, living together peacefully, sustainability ideas or any other message youth would like to convey about our planet and its inhabitants.

Adults may help facilitate the EarthSeeds Youth Voice Projects and help edit text into a cohesive document, but it is expected that most of the work will be done by and be reflective of the ages of the young people involved. You are welcome to submit existing projects, our goal is to help you share your ideas and creativity with the world!

In addition to project examples from youth, we'll also continue to expand our topic sections on our website that provide information, learning ideas and helpful links. We also have plans for an e-newsletter that brings you monthly news and ideas.

Gain Valuable Skills in the Process

EarthSeeds believes that the most important result of the Global Youth Voice project is that young people will learn about civic engagement at a global level, gain communications and leadership skills, make new friends, and find a worldwide voice for their ideas about making our planet a better place for all of us.

In the event that it is difficult to choose a clear winner, special consideration will also be given to how well you engaged your community through community events, the media and other outreach. Keep in mind that your local newspaper, TV, and radio news will probably be interested in what you are up to!

Contact us for More Information

If you have questions, would like help, or just want to send us a progress report, please contact us. If your entry is completed far before the deadline, send it in early so we can feature your work ahead of time on our website and perhaps even in our monthly email. Thank you for helping us give a voice to youth around the planet!

To contact us with questions or about being a sponsor, please email us at

Looking for more opportunities to share dialogue, video, and stories with other youth? Visit to find out about their unique program.