Sus BusA SUS BUS is a "COMMUNITY SUSTAINABLE BUS" that helps educate local populations on sustainable living options and ideas in that community. Visualize it as kind of a "Green Book Mobile." Sponsored by green businesses and eco-friendly groups whose banners and Ads are displayed on the outside of the bus, a SUS BUS is designed to be self-supportive by marketing & advertising revenue generated from business promotions. Inside the bus are a wide ranging collection of positive ideas from local and global non-profits that offer encouraging sustainable concepts for mainstream views. The info is inter-active and entertaining using the best interpretive skills available; laptops, displays, films & video, art, science projects, brochures, questionaires and much much more.

Where does a Sus Bus go and what does it do?

Sus BusEach SUS BUS focuses on getting out into the public eye in local regions to unify and inspire that particular community. A SUS BUS shows up at Public events, offering great "Edu-Tainment" to supplement Festivals, Concerts, Sporting events and so forth. SUS BUSES go to Schools, Churches and even House Parties - wherever they are needed and invited - to showcase their serving trays of positive ideas. Each SUS BUS is designed to cover the "Core Four" principles - to "INFORM - INSPIRE - INTEGRATE & INVOLVE": as a confluence of energy for the Public, NGOs, and local businesses, promoting green sustainable energy in that community.

When a SUS BUS pulls up to a public event - it pops into a "Portable Sustainability Seminar" with fun interactive displays and information that entertains and educates the people drawn to come visit it for free. Most often set up as a "Sideshow" to whatever "Circus" is in the spotlight - a SUS BUS gives crowds a fun alternative to milling around the parking lots and stands as a beacon of better living with imaginative displays.

What is the agenda and politics of a Sus Bus?

Politics are not allowed on a SUS BUS. We are committed to being mainstream and do not promote any set agendas or candidates. We endorse a "NEITHER LEFT NOR RIGHT ----> BUT FORWARD!" approach. We intend to Build Bridges - Not Walls. We exist to Unify and Educate not to Polarize or Agitate. We don't "Preach" - we simply Teach. We stimulate discussions and let people connect the dots and draw their own conclusions. For example: One Display shows the electric meter use comparison between regular incandescent light bulbs vs energy saving light bulbs. We can only ask which do you want on your electric bill?

Who and what is on a Sus Bus?

There can be many Non-Profits showcased inside a SUS BUS. The Themes are not limited to just Energy like solar and wind - but sustainable energy like Non-Violent communications, Restorative Justice, Organics, Permaculture and other positive healthy ideas that can help a community to live and grow more sustainable. Likewise there can be many Corporate and Business sponsors - from small local solar companies to larger national chains like REI, Whole Foods and Patagonia. The way the information is shared is creative and limited only by the imagination of the SUS BUS Teams. These teams are made of volunteers coordinated by key NGO's that are the main sponsors. In addition, many local entertainers, artists and so forth can be used as hosts and interpreters on board the SUS BUS when it tours out into public. There will be a "Stage" for music to be played to attract more crowds wherever it is parked in public.


Will it always be the same things on a Sus Bus?

No. Each SUS BUS can and will change over time. It can and should operate like a moving Museum. Initially there will be a section that will be devoted to the key concepts and groups working for the SUS BUS but eventually as much as half the displays will be designed to be mobile and modular. Seasonal displays or displays that fit special themes will be honored and invited on board each SUS BUS as appropriate. Each community has their own needs and the timing can be adjusted to be of topical significance depending on what sparks public interest that month or that season. Each SUS BUS will always be open to creativity and change with an emphasis on keeping current with or ahead of the leading edge of new ideas.

Besides being a showcase for sustainability, what can a Sus Bus do?

Sus Bus

A SUS BUS can also provide great support to schools, camps, churches, and programs that want to learn more and can offer or invite a program such as this to touch their clientele. Many schools can not afford a lot of field trips - due to high costs of gas, insurance, liability releases, parent chaperones, etc. Bringing a SUS BUS to a school, church or camp helps provide education to a wider group of the local citizenry.

Who benefits from a Sus Bus?

We feel Everyone in a community benefits from the information and involvement that a SUS BUS brings to the public. Sponsors win by being promoted in public and feeling good about helping make a positive impact in the community. NGO's win by being better exposed to the public and by finding other alliances and teamwork opportunities in the process, Local Advertising Networks and Media benefit by having another format to help sell advertising through - and of course our Youth and Children benefit hugely- not only by being entertained and educated - but they will be the ones to benefit or suffer from decisions we make both as local and global communities - for roads taken and not taken in the long run. But most of all our planet will benefit from increased awareness among the human community for sustainable living ideas.

What is the cost to the community of a Sus Bus?

The short answer is: ---> Very Little. Since a SUS BUS is designed to be self-sustaining and is volunteer based, the budget for creating one is fairly inexpensive. And it creates it's own operating income capital from the Ads & Banners that are created and rented space as "Portable Billboard Ads" etc. A SUS BUS actually brings income and development to a community - by exposing positive ideas to people who will then support those on the SUS BUS. This is WIN-WIN-WIN for ALL. The Sponsors on the Outside get good exposure and PR - and so do the NGO's inside. The Public wins by learning and understanding sustainable concepts and by volunteering, donating to and working with the NGO's and purchasing services and goods from sponsors.

Since often a SUS BUS can be found to be Donated or obtained at very little cost, the main budget for each SUS BUS involves teamwork to outfit a SUS BUS. Depending on the available energy and money - each and every SUS BUS will evolve into better and greater displays - somewhat like a traveling museum show - with the best possible showcasing for those positive ideas that need to reach more critical mass in mainstream thought and consciousness. Like solar panels - a SUS BUS can easily be added to for more power later on.



Mission Statement

To create and manage an experimental fleet of Sustainable "Vehicles for Change" supported by non-profits inside and business marketing outside, that can assist the public in making better choices for living happier, healthier, more sustainable lives embracing future forward days in a Global Heart Vision of a "World that works for everyone".


To bring & share concepts and ideas that offer "New Energy for a New Era" of Sustainability. The "Core Four" values of a SUS BUS are to: Inform, Inspire, Integrate and Involve. This applies to the public, the many local non-profits that work as a team in helping create a SUS BUS, and the businesses that co-sponsor each SUS BUS towards promoting Sustainability as a living breathing growing theme in their communities.


To Develop & Display programs and positive possibilities that hold key solutions towards better healthier living and showcase these with the help of good corporate & business sponsors on a fleet of buses that are "portable sustainability fairs" -- as Green serving trays for positive ideas & solutions to the mainstream general public and to template, copy and distribute these Buses and methods globally.

To have an ever-evolving SUS BUS ( Community Sustainable Bus ) in every community that cares enough to promote "Think Global - Act Local" concepts of Sustainability to it's citizens via a fun interactive platform with artistic talent, innovative ideas, and grassroots teamwork energy; co-sponsored by genuinely concerned businesses; all aiming for greater greener goods and services and healthier habits for the entire crew of Spaceship Earth

* To have 10 buses ready for @ Earth Day April 22nd, 2008 in ten different communities
* To have 25 buses attend the DNC ( Democratic National Convention ) in Denver late Aug 2008
* To have music and musicians closely involved with the SUS-BUS network for travel and edu-tainment.
* To tie in with other existing Buses and invite them to participate in their communities as a "SUS BUS"
* To have people jump on board in viral fun to get Media coverage launching this all around USA & world.



This is an absolute priority. It is essential to get into pubic mainstream arenas and areas and not just "preach to the green choirs". We need to have a SUS BUS attend all major public events in its local community to be effective over time. The more people see it - the more they are RE-MINDED to think Green and Sustainable. And repetition is the key in any message to have long term impact. And we need to Keep it Clean and Green and Not in any way Mean to be fully uniting and effective.


Must be sustainable in terms of Corp & Biz co-sponsorship and Non-Profit support in kind on Sus Bus so it has to be build on solid friendships and relationships within each local community. Most are ready to understand that "The Time for TEAM - IS NOW" - Individually we're just many raindrops but collectively we're a powerful river for sweeping change. The choice involves us coming together. SUS BUS Plays and Pays it Forward to give each community a "Campfire" of SUSTAINABILITY... To Light up the candles of Caring Concern & co-operation - Each take a light and go light another


It must be FUN to really get DONE!. No one wants to attend a Funeral - but everyone wants to see a Parade. So we need to focus on the joy, hope and fun of Sustainable Solutions. A SUS BUS is a mobile platform from which to expand and express local artisans into the public consciousness as well. With the right attitude, we can be Educating and Entertaining at the same time - LIVE energy - Dialouge, Hands-on Displays & so forth.




Children and future forward focus for all crewmembers of Spaceship Earth. Connecting people togther. Planting Earthseeds. We need to look to the future with a conscious mind - how we build, how we destroy, and how we renew the world around us. Play it forward - Zero Waste - Sustainable and Renewable Energy and Building Materials. How we relate to each other across cultures and societies.

A short music video to plant some seeds...

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