Appalachia cannabis strain

The Appalachia strain is infamous among cannabis users for its highly sought effects. It causes a high that begins with an uplifting euphoric effect to boost the mood and guarantee some sense of energy. This will, in turn, leave you very alert and much focused. The happy effect comes along with a relaxing buzz starting at the back of your head spreading to the rest of the body. One good thing about the strain is that it never causes too much sedation or mobility issues.

You will feel pain-free and a bit couch-locked, along with complete relaxation amid the duration of the high. Apart from such effects, this strain has a high THC level of up to 18% on average. In this regard, it proves to be perfect for treating conditions like chronic pain, chronic stress pain, and mild depression cases.

What is Appalachia Strain?

This is partly a Sativa-dominant hybrid which is a cross of Green Crack and Tres Dawg. It is bred by High & Lonesome Seeds and offers a potent high. You no longer have to worry about the high since this is easily manageable for experienced users. Green Crack is known to offer energy and additional focus. On the other hand, Tres Dawg is in the lineage of Afghani.

Therefore, results in a marijuana strain offering a balance between the body and cerebral high. Users claim that they feel energized after they have used the strain. All the same, they claim that this energy buzz comes with body relaxation.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

  • Aroma- The Appalachia strain has a skunky aroma interspersed with some hints of citrus and sweetness.
  • Flavor- After lighting Appalachia, chances are high that you will get a herbal and skunky taste in the smoking experience. Some users claim that they realize a fuel taste and suggest that it is easy on their lungs.
  • Appearance- This strain’s flowers are elongated and large. Its buds have the classic Sativa appearance, with the leaves being dull green.

appalachia cannabis

Appalachia Strain Grow Info

The most unfortunate thing about the Appalachia strain is that it is unlikely that you will get seeds for sale available commercially. In this case, you will only settle for the clippings meaning that you will grow clones. Like other hybrids, Appalachia grows both indoors and outdoors.

When you opt to grow this strain outdoors, make sure that the climate is humid and warm. This strain grows spindly and tall, just as Green Crack. When you decide to grow your strain indoors, there will be a need for constant trimming. This will be the case, particularly towards the blooming stage.

Flowering Time

  • Indoors- Information regarding the growth of the Appalachia strain is limited. All the same, there is a reasonable assumption that the flowering period is between 8-10 weeks. For every square meter, you will get a yield of around 10-12 ounces.
  • Outdoors- As we have already mentioned, the Appalachia strain seems to thrive in the warm climate. It is estimated that the yield per plant will be 12 ounces worth of buds or even more. The harvest time, in this case, should be October.

Medical Benefits of Appalachia Strain

As far as analyzing possible Appalachia strain medical benefits, users claim that it possesses very strong anti inflammatory properties. With that, the strain will likely ease several symptoms, including nausea and headaches. Other users find Appalachia beneficial for stress and depression. This is mainly explained by the boost in mood that it is likely to bring. Apart from that, there is a suggestion that the Appalachia strain helps users to focus. For that reason, people with ADD/ADHD are advised to consider it.

Potential Side Effects

It is a fact that marijuana strains with a relatively high THC content have adverse effects and the Appalachia strain is not an exemption. For example, the Sativa side of this strain causes disorientation among individuals who are new to cannabis. If you have a low THC tolerance, you should steer clear.

At first, the Appalachia strain will hit you between your eyes. If you are a novice, you are likely to have red eyes. Apart from that, you are likely to experience a dry throat. If you have a low THC tolerance, using the strain in very small amounts is advisable.

Final Thought

Summing up, this strain is meant for users who have experience with marijuana. Newbies or people with panic disorder are advised to avoid this strain. It is a good choice for use in the afternoon since it brings you a temporary boost. With time, it makes you feel relaxed and happy. In terms of cultivation, it is moderately easy to cultivate.

By Josh Stephen

Despite graduating with an honors degree in medicine and surgery, Josh Stephen did not pursue his career. He had a great interest in CBD products, and he launched a self-help group that targeted people suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress. Josh later finds a breakthrough upon researching different kinds of CBD strains and their effectiveness. He understood that every user has its specific CBD requirement, and he elaborated on the difference between the CBD strains. His 7-year research work and writing have earned him a reputation as the best eBook seller in the CBD industry. He now works as a writer and strains consultant in one of the famous CBD brands.

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