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Black cherry OG strain is a cannabis strain you will never regret growing. It is having a faster maturity and rewarding yields within a few weeks. The product receives the best reviews due to the relaxing effects that it delivers to the users. It is the best product for users who needs heavy relaxation. Ken Estes is the creator of this product boasting several followers and the best reviews because of its effectiveness.

The legalization of marijuana led to the breeding of the black cherry OG. The article will be deliberating on the benefits of the black cherry OG. Relax, and keep reading for the insights.

What Is Black Cherry OG Strain?

So first things fast, what is Black cherry OG strain? It is the best Indica dominant hybrid that traces its history to a famous Californian strain. An Indica dominant strain will not contain any trace of a Sativa or a CBD. When you smoke the OG strain, you will experience almost an immediate impact that hits the eyes just after use. After inhaling, the immediate effect is a faster relief from issues such as stress, anxiety, and pain.

You will appreciate that the product is fast-acting and will relieve you from stress within minutes. The effects will last for hours, and it will accord you a chance to be contemplative, and you can give a life a new definition within few hours. Users report that the first experience after inhaling it is a euphoric cerebral high. It will then be accompanied by a scenario where the user will experience multiple thoughts before the effect of the strain takes over.

The Indica strain effect of the black cherry OG strain starts with a pressure at the forehead and finally a full-body relaxation. You will be happy when you experience relaxation in the muscles and other parts of the body before sinking in a couch-lock feeling where you won’t want to jump out of bed.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

It is worth knowing the appearance, aroma, and flavors of the black cherry OG strain to help identify it among the vast group of Indica plants.

  • Aroma

First, the smell is impressive. The OG strain will have a bud smell that will resemble that of the grapes and berries. Lighting up the Black cherry OG will deliver this attractive smell with characteristic spicy and herbal notes that makes it inhalable.

  • Flavors

Every cannabis user understands the importance of flavor. The black cherry aromas are impressive, and when you light it up, you will feel a solid and tasty berry flavor that will defiantly explode in the tongue. Users report an excellent smoking experience that makes them delightful and happy during the process. A refreshing sweet green tea taste is what you will feel during the smoking process.

  • Appearance

A defined black cherry OG strain will have large forest green nugs. You will also identify it with bright orange hairs and the occasional minty green patch. Another feature that defines the appearance of the OG is the white trichomes that coat the nugs, and you will notice that it is resinous.

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Black Cherry OG Strain Grow Info

Growing black cherry OG strain is not hard, but you might face a challenge to get the seeds you will plant. Put effort into procuring the seeds, and of course, it will be a walkover to grow the seeds. The process is easier for beginners. The plants should be exposed to a colder temperature before it begins flowering, though the plant will be shocked, it eventually starts growing well.

Notably, the Black cherry OG strain can grow as an indoor and outdoor plant. Outdoor growers should ensure that the place is providing the best conditions that will suit its growth. The climate should be moderately warm if you expect a moderate yield. The expected yield per plant is around 10 ounces which is a good yield. The plant will be ready for harvest at the beginning of October every year.

If you are a hardcore indoor grower, you will have to wait for 9 to 10 weeks to harvest the OG strain. The yield isn’t that rewarding, and you can expect 8 to 10 ounces. The maintenance practices are not very demanding, and you will experience an easy time planting this cannabis Indica strain. The THC content will range from 14% to 17%, while the CBD level never exceeds 0.4%

Flowering Time

The black cherry OG Kush strain takes varying times to flower basing on the places where you plant it. If you grow your plant as an indoor one, it will take between 9 to 10 weeks to start flowering. The growers can harvest 8 to 10 ounces after flowering.

The outdoor growers of the black cherry OG strain will be ready to harvest their plants in early October, and the expected yield is up to 10 ounces per plant.

Medical Benefits Of Black Cherry OG Strain

Medical benefit of black cherry OG kushMany people take the Black cherry because of the medical benefits that it can deliver. The product can help with a wide range of medical issues. It is worth noting that the cannabis strains from Ken Este’s company are best for medicinal purposes.

Black cherry is famous for its strong sedative effects explaining why many patients use it for treating cases such as muscle spasms, nausea, and stress. You can also take the product when you are suffering from depression, cramps, and PTSD. The product is best during the evening hours due to its sedative effects. If you try in the day, then you should be ready to face a hard time handling your daily routines.

Potential Side Effects

The side effects of Black cherry OG are not adverse. The symptoms you will experience are not severe, they will vary from one individual to another though. The leading Side effects are dry mouth and dizziness. These effects are not universal to everyone. Ensure that you moderate the use of the black cherry OG strain. If the effects are adverse, stop because you don’t want to tamper with your health.

Final Thought

The black cherry OG strain review agrees that cannabis is effective for medicinal purposes. Patients with conditions such as anxiety, stress, and pain should seek refuge from this strain. The best way to experience the effects is through smoking. Users should be moderate when taking the strain so that they don’t end up interfering with their health.

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