Blue Dream is a sweet, fragrant strain that tastes and smells like fresh blueberries. It is a highly potent medicinal strain with a variety of benefits, including pain and anxiety alleviation and the ability to promote emotions of pleasure and wellness. It’s a very popular strain, and it’s a must-have for the medical community.

Blue Dream marijuana is, more or less a household name these days among both patients and cannabis enthusiasts, has matured into one of the most renowned West Coast strains of the century. Blue Dream strain’s effects are not only pleasant but also varied, making it suitable for a wide range of recreational users, potheads, and sufferers.

It is as strong as delightful, with effects ranging from euphoric and relaxed to invigorated and driven. It is named after the luscious and sweet aroma that is mind-blowingly reminiscent of biting into a batch of freshly-picked blueberries.

Its general adaptability and ability to treat a broad range of diseases and symptoms have prompted this medicinal and recreational marijuana strain to take the cannabis industry by storm. It has become so popular that you can now find it on the top shelf of practically every reputable dispensary or cannabis shop in the United States. Blue Dream is a standard in modern cannabis, sometimes dubbed the “medicine cabinet essential.” All kinds of marijuana users should keep a stash of this weed on hand.

What Is Blue Dream?

The Blue Dream strain is classed as a hybrid since it has 60 percent sativa and 40 percent indica genetics. Although Blue Dream has a larger number of sativa phenotypes, it is possible to have a phenotype more in line with an indica strain on occasion. However, this is an uncommon occurrence, and you’re more likely to get an uplifting and stimulating sativa-dominant batch of Blue Dream cannabis when you buy it. Blue Dream was developed by crossing two delicious and fragrant strains: Blueberry and Haze (the former being classified as an indica and the latter a sativa).

Blue Dream marijuana’s roots are often assumed to be in California, where the bud’s blueberry sweetness appears nostalgic and appropriate for the bright and golden state. After the first few hits, you’ll dream about California and crave more. THC levels of many Blue Dream specimens were tested recently, ranging from 17 to 25%. While these figures are remarkable, most people believe Blue Dream lacks the strength of strains like Gorilla Glue #4, a genuine monster.

Nonetheless, the bud does not disappoint, providing enough medical THC for the cannabis community to enjoy. Because the CBD content is minimal – roughly 0.1-0.2 percent – most of the medicinal benefits will come from the high THC content.

Blue Dream: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Blue Dream is most renowned for its unique and unexpected flavor and fragrance. Expect a delightful and delicate fruity perfume and childhood recollection for those of us who grew up picking berries in the summer when you first smell this strain. The Blue Dream strain has notes of spicy, earthy sandalwood, sharp citrus, and even grape and floral undertones. It combines the best traits of both of its parents, Blueberry and Haze, to form a harmonic whole.

Blue Dream’s scent is frequently strong and intense, so don’t expect it to smell like “ordinary old cannabis in a jar.” Although Blue Dream leaves a lingering odor wherever it goes, this is a positive thing since it means you’ll get the most out of your high.

Blue dream

However, Blue Dream marijuana has a particular look that bears little resemblance to fresh blueberries (no shades of blue or purple involved, whatsoever). Instead, anticipate frosty, THC-coated trichomes and rich-green, occasionally sage-colored buds with yellow and orange pistils and frosty, THC-coated trichomes. The color of Blue Dream’s water leaves can range from orange to brown to dark green, depending on the subspecies you’re growing and the conditions in which your crop is cultivated.

Blue Dream Grow Info

Although the Blue Dream cannabis strain can grow and produce cannabis in various environments and climates, it is critical to give your nuggets the proper nutrients and care if you want to generate a great harvest. Giving your Blue Dream cannabis lots of magnesium, nitrogen, and other fertilizers and plenty of freshwaters will guarantee that your nugs grow healthy and happy, making you (and anybody who smokes your crop) happy and joyous.

On the other hand, Blue Dream has been classified as one of the heaviest drinking marijuana strains, so expect to be giving your plants numerous liters of water every day. The blooming time of Blue Dream is around 8-9 weeks, which is considered typical in comparison to other marijuana strains.

Even though, as previously indicated, you will have to cope with a pretty long flowering time, what makes Blue Dream cannabis so exceptional is its immaculately enormous yield and high-potency buds. When grown outdoors, skilled, experienced growers may expect between 500 and 600 grams of fresh reefer per plant (expect to harvest your cannabis in mid-September to mid-October if you are cultivating outdoors).

Expect the same quantity per meter squared if you’re growing inside (m2). It may appear like your Blue Dream weed is taking a long time to get going at first, but as it reaches the blooming stage, you’ll watch the branches expand and reach for the sky, with their total size virtually doubling overnight.

You may obtain a tightly packed taste by carefully selecting superior soil, which is frequently tastier than lower-quality soil. If you decide to cultivate inside, though, hydroponics will almost certainly produce the greatest results, at least in obtaining the highest-potency nuggets.

Blue Dream marijuana, like virtually other cannabis strains, is prone to spider mites and powdery mildew, so keep an eye on your crop to ensure it stays as healthy as possible. If there is any sign of a virus or decline in the health of the plants, remove them from the crop as soon as possible.

Blue Dream Effects

Blue Dream is a marijuana strain believed in providing a wide range of effects, making it a flexible and easy-to-love alternative for practically any user. The strain is often offered as top-shelf cannabis because of its clean genetics and effects that are suitable for almost everyone, making it an excellent choice for various reasons. Blue Dream cannabis gives users an elevated, calm sensation that is typically accompanied by a creative and energizing euphoria.

Despite being a hybrid, Blue Dream is a wonderful daytime marijuana strain, ideal for a pre-work smoke to center and prepare you for the long day ahead. To re-energize and raise yourself, take a dose of this ganja in the middle of the day – many people say it’s even better than a mid-day cup of coffee!

Blue Dream is probably not the best choice if you’re trying to fall asleep late at night, but if you’re going out for the evening to chill with friends or party, this should be your go-to reefer; a truly fantastic option for socializing, partying, or simply hanging out with a few of your best friends.

Medical Benefits of Blue Dream Cannabis

Due to its vast range of effects, Blue Dream cannabis is suitable for treating many medical ailments, problems, and symptoms. Blue Dream is regarded to be most useful in treating mental health issues like stress and depression and physical disorders, including chronic pain, headaches, and excessive weariness.Blue Dream is a particularly uplifting marijuana strain, so it might be a great option for tired, anxious, or sad individuals.

If you’re dealing with mental illness and thinking about trying Blue Dream marijuana, smoking a moderate amount of this cannabis strain can probably benefit you. Overdosing on Blue Dream cannabis may lead to paranoia and increased tension (as it does with any marijuana strain), so recognizing your limits and finding a balance in your consumption is recommended if you want to get the best benefits.

An edible, concentrated, or larger-than-average bowl of Blue Dream might be preferable if you’re dealing with lethargy, chronic discomfort, or headaches. If you’re suffering from pain or headaches, this greater dose of Blue Dream cannabis may truly numb your body and provide you with a boost of energy if you’re feeling tired.

Due to its low CBD and CBN level, Blue Dream is not the best choice for individuals coping with more significant medical illnesses like seizures or neurological disorders. However, ask your local budtender about their Blue Dream cannabinoid profile, as it varies by phenotype.

Possible Side Effects of Blue Dream

Unsurprisingly, dry mouth and dry eyes are the most typical adverse effects associated with Blue Dream marijuana. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water if you have these symptoms (duh). Also, re-moisturize your eyes with eye drops regularly if necessary. Some people have reported feeling anxious or paranoid after smoking Blue Dream marijuana.

However, this can typically be prevented by understanding your boundaries and not overindulging in any form of marijuana, regardless of the strain or type. Listen to your body, and you should have a reasonably pain-free experience.

Final Thoughts on Blue Dream

So, we hope you enjoyed not just our Blue Dream review but also found it useful and informative. Genuinely, this is a fantastic cannabis strain that we’re convinced you’ll like from the moment you take your first hit. Some people (especially those “spoiled” stoners on the West Coast) have been getting a bit bored of it lately (sort of like your favorite music being played over and over on the radio), but hey – why shut down a good thing if you’ve got a good thing going, right?

Finally, it’s vital to remember that using Blue Dream marijuana – or any other type of marijuana for that matter – is solely the user’s responsibility, and caution should always be exercised.

By Josh Stephen

Despite graduating with an honors degree in medicine and surgery, Josh Stephen did not pursue his career. He had a great interest in CBD products, and he launched a self-help group that targeted people suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress. Josh later finds a breakthrough upon researching different kinds of CBD strains and their effectiveness. He understood that every user has its specific CBD requirement, and he elaborated on the difference between the CBD strains. His 7-year research work and writing have earned him a reputation as the best eBook seller in the CBD industry. He now works as a writer and strains consultant in one of the famous CBD brands.

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