Overview of CBD chocolates

CBD and chocolate sound like a match that has been specially made in heaven. You might wonder what makes these two ingredients blend so well together. In recent years, CBD has been popularized for its potential and endless health benefits. All the same, it is a product that is known to have not a very good taste. In this case, users will endure as opposed to enjoying the CBD oil’s hemp flavor.

On the other hand, chocolate is a food that almost everyone finds very delicious. Additionally, it can come with a pack of benefits. It, therefore, makes sense to combine these two ingredients, which comes as a plus for CBD users. Besides getting the great chocolate taste, you will also enjoy the potential CBD benefits in just a single bite. In this article, we will discuss everything that you will need to know concerning CBD chocolate. You are going to learn how CBD chocolate is made and some of its benefits. Without any further ado, let us get started!

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol which is essentially a phytocannabinoid discovered way back in the mid-20th century. It is one of the many cannabinoids that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. Its prefix ‘phyto’ basically means that this cannabinoid comes from plant material. It is essential to note that human bodies also produce cannabinoids. Ours is known as endocannabinoids, and we have different types of them throughout the body. The endocannabinoids work with the endocannabinoids system of the central nervous system and regulate the standard body functions and help us heal.

For CBD, you will extract it from cannabis plants where it is commonly limited to hemp instead of marijuana. The hemp plant is a variety of cannabis species cultivated for a very long time now due to its low THC level and high CBD concentration. Even though research in how CBD works is still in its early stages, this is a magical cannabinoid claimed to have different health benefits. Even though everyone is looking to get their hands on CBD, they do not like the flavor of CBD oil. CBD chocolate has therefore been made to help people enjoy the benefits without getting that unpleasant taste.

What is CBD Chocolate?

This is a self-explanatory term. It is a combination of chocolate and CBD. Generally, CBD chocolate is one great way of introducing hemp-based products to individuals who are skeptical about adding CBD into their regimen. Chocolate has several benefits that will not be found in other sweets. Additionally, it serves as a source of guiltless pleasure for most people. For individuals who are always concerned about their well-being and self-care, CBD chocolate will serve as an excellent addition to their diets. CBD chocolate is not just meant for newbies to hemp-based products. People who are well-acquainted with CBD also need a treat regularly.

Why Eat CBD Chocolate?

Now that you answer the question of ‘what is CBD chocolate,’ let us discuss the benefits of CBD chocolate. There are so many reasons why you should take CBD in chocolate form. One of the most obvious is its vast potential of deliciousness. CBD, just like any other cannabinoid, has some amounts of terpenes. This, therefore, means that it will have a level of signature for the bitter herb that most people associate with marijuana. The inherent and robust flavor of chocolate will complement and cover the terpene-rich flavor of CBD.

Another valid reason for eating CBD chocolate is the fact that naturally, chocolate is a high-fat food. CBD being fat-soluble, should be extracted into some lipid for its safe storage. In most cases, this is always coconut oil. You need to ingest very little oil for you to discover the effects. This way, you can make some micro-dosed chocolates that allow you to customize the medicine.

Just like CBD, chocolate also has strong antioxidant properties. To be more specific, it has more antioxidants as compared to most foods. Additionally, chocolate has several essential minerals that include magnesium, iron, potassium, and copper. Consuming quality CBD chocolate could have benefits like:

  • Reduced diabetes risk
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Protection against cardiovascular diseases
  • Stimulation of the nervous system

Please refrain from overeating chocolate since it can lead to adverse effects such as weight gain. According to studies, a daily dosage of 25 grams of chocolate could result in weight gain.

CBD chocolates

How is CBD Chocolate Made?

In its pure form, CBD chocolate is very easy to make. You need to melt down the chocolate, stir in fat and add your CBD oil. Even though this can sound simple, it is not guaranteed that our concoction will come out tasty. At times, chocolate can be bitter, and you should not be duped by words like ‘semi-sweet on the packaging. In this regard, it is good to add sweeteners and flavors that will lighten the chocolate notes. It is good to make sure that any added ingredient is as organic and natural as possible for your good health.

When making a CBD chocolate recipe at home, the best way of adding some flavor is using flavored CBD oil. It is also advisable to mix some healthy fats into that equation. This is because fats do help with absorption. Additionally, when you use MCT oil, the omega fatty acids present will support the bioavailability of cannabinoids into your CBD chocolate.

CBD Craft Chocolate

Craft chocolate with CBD is chocolate made in small batches with ethically sourced, and well-processed cacao and quality CBD isolate. It is made from some raw cacao beans sourced transparently and made into chocolate on a small scale. Casca Chocolate is a Texas-based company that is an example of a company offering customizable dark or milk chocolate bars infused with CBD.

How to Dose CBD Chocolate?

Owing to the unregulated nature of the CBD industry, it is a bit hard to tell what dosage will work for you. All the same, the dosage will depend on why you are using the chocolate. It is always essential for the package to illustrate the amount of CBD in mg present in the product. Some state the amount of hemp extract present, which could mean that the product has any CBD percentage inside or none. A brand that gives a certificate of Analysis is reputable enough and will provide all that information.

Now that the package says the amount of CBD in every serving, it is good to start with 10mg of CBD. You chunk off the piece and allow it to melt under the tongue to help in releasing CBD into your system. It is advisable to try this for at least three days in a row, keeping the dosing time constant. If you feel no relief, increase the dosage gradually with 5mg every three days to 50mg per day. It is, however, essential to seek the doctor’s advice whenever you are trying CBD products.

Pros and Cons of CBD Chocolate

There are several benefits as to why you should take CBD in chocolate form. Similarly, there is a downside for the same. Let us have a look at the benefits and disadvantages of CBD chocolates below:


  • Stress relief – The body typically reacts to stress by increasing the adrenaline levels. This is a way of preparing itself for any danger. Given the impacts of CBD-infused chocolate on serotonin levels, eating a CBD chocolate piece could lower adrenaline levels and keep the heart rate at an optimal level.
  • Antioxidant properties – CBD-infused chocolate has high antioxidant content in the form of polyphenols and flavanols. These are always linked to heart health improvement and increased blood flow, especially in the brain.
  • Heart function improvement – studies reveal that taking 6g of dark chocolate daily could lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is achieved by reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure. All this can be attributed to its antioxidants.


  • Too much chocolate could lead to weight gain
  • The absorption rate of CBD from chocolates is a bit low

The legality of CBD Chocolate

The whole cannabis industry is unregulated, given that its legal status has a shaky definition. As opposed to beer and wine, people lack basic cannabis knowledge before buying and trying CBD. In this regard, most companies have quickly and legally exploited this knowledge gap on consumers. According to the FDA, it remains their concern about the proliferation of products that claim to have CBD and are being marketed for medical and therapeutic use without their approval. The FDA claims that selling unapproved products is a breach of the law and a risk to patients.

According to federal law, hemp-derived and legal CBD extraction is limited to parts of one cannabis strain. This CBD should not have more than 0.3% THC by weight too. Apart from Epidiolex (an anti-seizure drug), there is no other CBD product that the FDA has approved. It, therefore, means that the regulation of CBD chocolate and other CBD products is yet to be done by the FDA.

The Bottom Line

CBD chocolate is an excellent way of getting your daily CBD dosage. All the same, you need to keep in mind that CBD edibles might not have a high absorption rate compared to other methods of using CBD. The reason for that is that active compounds get to pass through the digestive system and the liver. In this process, some might get lost along the way. All the same, among the fun and most convenient ways of getting your daily CBD dose, will be BD chocolate. Make sure to always consult your physician before taking CBD products, especially if you are a first-timer. They will recommend the best dosage as well as a consumption method.

By John H. Den

John H. Den dedicates all his time to educate people on why they should not suffer anxiety, stress, and depression when CBD can help them. He writes many articles about CBD and how to choose the best brands with high potencies. His work is an inspiration to many people, and he now receives many contracts from the top CBD brands because of his in-depth knowledge.

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