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As research progresses focusing on CBD’s efficacy, more and more people are coming under the shed of CBD for their daily wellness regimens, especially for pain relief. Today, getting increasingly popular, CBD oils in many different strengths and flavours are coming in the markets, making the users perplexed because the users cannot easily realize what CBD dosage they should try for their specific health issues.

They don’t have any CBD dosage charts or a CBD dosage calculator. Many users are seeking the right CBD dosage for pain. Some are searching for CBD dosage for anxiety, and some are working out to get a perfect CBD dosage for sleep. But no fixed recommended CBD oil dosage is available. So, what’s the solution?

Our main goal is to help you perceive your required CBD dosage- how much CBD you should take and how you can calculate CBD dosage, what CBD strength you should use, and determine the factors that may influence the dosage.

Research into Dosage

Research into dosage is very limited, but CBD may be used for various physical and mental health uses. More research is essential to understand better the right CBD dosage for different health conditions of different persons.

FDA has approved only the use of CBD for specific forms of epilepsy. So, doctors know little about what dosage you should take while using it for other reasons. The appropriate dosage provides a therapeutic effect and is well-tolerated as any drug.

Researchers have tried using various oral dosages of CBD per day in different clinical studies ranging from 100–800 mg. Some studies used even higher dosages. According to a review, an individual found an improvement in psychosis by taking 1,200 mg per day for a few weeks. In another study, people with schizophrenia took increasing dosages of 40–1,280 mg per day for 4 weeks and reported benefits.

In a study for the effects of CBD in people with Parkinson’s disease and psychosis, six participants revealed significantly positive results in symptoms with a dosage of 150 mg CBD per day.

Some dosages used in research and studies for different conditions may include:

  • For anxiety: 300 to 600 mg
  • For cancer-related pain: 50 to 600 mg per day
  • For bowel disease: 10 mg per day
  • For psychosis: 600 mg per day
  • For Parkinson’s disease: 75 to 300 mg per day
  • For poor sleep: 25 mg per day

How Much CBD Should You Take?

Today many working people are using CBD due to its increased popularity for relaxation, but at the same time, they are also getting additional benefits for sleep problems, overstimulation, and more. But perhaps you’re wondering how much CBD you should take. Because there is no fixed dosage of CBD suggested for all individuals.

Many physicians don’t want to prescribe CBD as it is not FDA-approved, and they are not sure what dosages to prescribe to a certain patient. Your dosage within the recommended range can be affected by important factors like your body chemistry.

Your body system may not respond to CBD similarly to your friend or another. So, you must consider the body size, weight, the condition you’re treating, the concentration of CBD in the product you’re using, and overall tolerance, as these can play a vital role in how CBD interacts with you.

In most studies, you are suggested to start with a small dosage of CBD and gradually increase it until you reach your desired effective result. For example, you may start with 40 mg for treating your severe pain. After a week or more, you can increase it to 45 mg, and after a second week or a period, you can enhance your dosage to 50 mg. Thus, at a point, you might feel your pain bearable or less acute.

Commonly, the standard CBD oil dosage is 1 to 2 drops twice a day, and gradually it can be increased if necessary. But you should not exceed 15 drops a day anyhow.

CBD dosage

How to Calculate CBD Dosage

Effects of CBD are variable from person to person since it depends on different individual factors. So, every individual should calculate their required CBD dosage. But, how to calculate the best desired CBD dosage? It’s not tough at all. In the dropper bottles, you can see in the packaging how much CBD is in a single drop, and from there, you can easily find out how many drops you have to take for your dosage.

Here’s Where and How to do the Math

Suppose we have a 30-milliliter bottle with 1,500 milligrams of CBD and 0.05 milliliters in a single drop, for example.

1500mg÷30mL = 50 mg/mL

The bottle has 50 milligrams of CBD per milliliter. Now, we have to see how many milligrams are in a drop:

50mg/mL ×0.05mL/drop = 2.5mg/drop

So, each drop contains 2.5 milligrams of CBD.

Next, you will calculate how many drops you need for your effective dosage.
Suppose again you want to consume 25 mg each day.

Now, 25mg÷2.5mg/drop = 10 drops

10 drops ×2.5mg = 25mg = 10 drops × 0.05 mL = 0.5mL

You need to consume 10 drops or 0.5 milliliters to reach 25 milligrams with this CBD oil dosage. And if you continue consuming 25 milligrams daily, you can expect this particular bottle to serve as a 60-day supply.

What CBD Strength Should I Use?

You can find three types of CBD strength in the market- low-strength (200 – 300 mg), mid-strength (400 – 600 mg), and high-strength (800 – 1,000 mg). Which strength you should choose will depend on your need. As a new CBD taker, you should begin with lower strength like 200/300mg, and then you can gradually increase to higher as you need.

Remember that in a 300mg bottle of CBD oil, one serving or a single dose would be 1ml or 20 drops of oil or 10mg potency. It may be a 600mg bottle, and if so, one serving or a single dose also would be 1ml or 20 drops, but the dose would come out to 20mg CBD concentration instead of 10mg.

Similarly, when the bottle shows 1000mg of CBD oil, one serving or the single-dose would be 1ml, 20 drops, and roughly 33mg of CBD potency. So, it would be best to consider your needs or dosages and the potency of the bottle before buying it.

You are strictly forbidden to go straight to the highest strength of 800/1000mg if you are new to CBD because the higher the strength, the more CBD you will obtain per drop of CBD oil. So, before buying CBD oil, pre-knowledge about CBD oil potency and the unique physical parameters attributed to CBD oil potency is essential.

Factors that may Influence the Dosage

Several specific factors may influence the CBD dosage that different people can take. People will need a different dosage depending on the medical condition or why a person is taking CBD.

The common influencing factors of CBD dosage may include:

  • Bodyweight
  • The health issue to treat
  • The CBD oil concentration
  • Your unique body chemistry
  • Other prescription medications

Your doctor might be another important factor as he can assist you in finding the right CBD oil dosage for your specific health requirements.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate CBD dosage you should take per day finally comes to your certain body factors. CBD dosage in milligrams (mg) largely depends on the conditions and symptoms you’re taking CBD to treat and your unique endocannabinoid system, associated with motor control, emotions, behavior, the nervous system and homeostasis.

CBD dosage needs active research— more large and high-quality studies in different populations to determine perfect dosing, efficacy and safety guidelines for human use.

By John H. Den

John H. Den dedicates all his time to educate people on why they should not suffer anxiety, stress, and depression when CBD can help them. He writes many articles about CBD and how to choose the best brands with high potencies. His work is an inspiration to many people, and he now receives many contracts from the top CBD brands because of his in-depth knowledge.

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