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It is undeniable that CBD has so many therapeutic effects, especially relief from the most severe symptoms. CBD has been around but has only become more popular than THC in the past few years. The main reason why the compound gained popularity is the fact that it has no psychoactive properties.

All that in mind, we ought to understand that, just like other supplements, CBD has its side effects. The good thing is that most CBD oil side effects are easily manageable. Below, we take a look at the most common CBD side effects.

What are the Common Side Effects of CBD?

There are few side effects of CBD . The common side effects among them are given below-

Dry Mouth

Among the most common side effects of CBD oil is a dry mouth. The feeling of having a dry mouth could appear for several reasons. These include dehydration as well as taking high-THC cannabis. Even though this mild side effect appears easy to control, it could become annoying pretty fast.

Even though most people disregard it, this could affect the endocannabinoid system and saliva secretion process. It, however, happens when you forget to drink plenty of water, meaning that saliva will be absent. The side effect happens with THC but could happen with CBD as well.

Lower Blood Pressure

This is one of the most serious side effects that CBD could bring along. It could, however, be a good thing for people suffering from high blood pressure. It could, however, lead to adverse effects like lightheadedness or even fainting. In this regard, it is a good idea to consult the doctor before you begin a CBD regimen to prevent adverse effects.

Dizziness & Lightheadedness

CBD oil could as well cause dizziness or lightheadedness when you have low or normal blood pressure. This mainly happens when you start taking CBD oil. The good thing is that you can easily manage the side effect by drinking good caffeinated drinks like coffee or energy drinks. It is also wise to consider lowering the dosage and getting a dosage that works for you without dizziness. This helps the body to regain its complete functionality within no time.


We agree that CBD oil has helped people with sleep issues like insomnia and any other sleeping disorder. On the contrary, people who have no sleeping disorders could feel sleepy and drowsy whenever they take CBD oil. It could also make some people remain very awake.

This, therefore, means that the effects are not consistent since it could cause sleepiness in some people and lack of that in others. It is the same case when some people experience a relaxing effect with CBD while others experience irritability.

Changes in Bowel Habits

Perhaps, one of the most annoying side effects after consuming CBD is diarrhea. When you take almost any supplement with an empty stomach, you are likely to experience the runs. Again, almost every CBD product has other components.

For instance, full-spectrum CBD has all the other components that the hemp plant offers. This explains why some of these side effects happen. All the same, the dosage as well as the concentration could also bring about such side effects. You must be very careful on what you consume and lower the dosage when the side effect is extreme.

CBD side effects

How to Avoid Side Effects of CBD

Start Low, Go Slow

This means going with the lowest dose possible and later increasing or decreasing that according to individual needs. For instance, if the instructions that you take a dropper, you can start with half a dropper for 3-5 days. If no improvement is noticed, you should consider increasing the dosage. In case you have developed strong side effects on the half dropper, you should lower your dosage. Consistency is, however, very important if you are to meet your needs.

Know Who Should Not Take CBD

It is very important to know who should and who should not take CBD oil. If you are allergic to cannabis or hemp, have liver issues, are pregnant, or are lactating, you should practice caution. Additionally, it is a good idea to see the doctor before you can use CBD oil.

Look for the Product’s Certificate of Analysis

Reputable CBD brands will always have their products tested by quality testing facilities. This looks for any harmful pathogens, solvent residues, heavy metals, and artificial fertilizers. You should never trust brands that cannot prove that the CBD is safe and of good quality.

Read Reviews

Customers do reviews. These will help you in the selection of quality CBD oil. The reviews allow you to know about the expected effects of a certain CBD product. This also prepares you for CBD hemp oil side effects, if any.

Avoid too-good-to-be-true Claims

Unreliable CBD companies will promise you heaven on earth if that will help you purchase their products. Here, they claim that their CBD will cure any disease type and give you the best offers in the market. Think of it this way, producing the best quality CBD will never come up easy.

In this case, any legit brand will invest heavily to get the best equipment and get quality and organic raw materials. Whenever you see a brand offering cheap and ‘quality’ CBD oil, you must always avoid that. Other than violating FDA rules, they are lying about their products.

Final Thoughts

Using CBD oil daily is completely safe. It helps to ease discomfort and maintain your overall wellbeing and health. All the same, like other health supplements, CBD has its side effects as well. As we have already discussed, it could cause dizziness, bowel habits changes, dry mouth, and sleepiness. The good thing is that these side effects are well-tolerated by most users.

Even better, they eventually go away as your body gets used to the compound. Avoiding these side effects is pretty easy by just following the consideration and precautions we have listed above. Reduce these risks also by choosing quality CBD brands when doing the sourcing.

By John H. Den

John H. Den dedicates all his time to educate people on why they should not suffer anxiety, stress, and depression when CBD can help them. He writes many articles about CBD and how to choose the best brands with high potencies. His work is an inspiration to many people, and he now receives many contracts from the top CBD brands because of his in-depth knowledge.

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