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The cannabis plant has a long history of medical benefits. However, its effectiveness comes from the fact that it contains CBD. This natural chemical compound is popular for its therapeutic effect. It eases different types of pains including joint and muscle aches. What makes CBD popular is not only its effectiveness but also its versatile nature. It treats a number of health conditions including mental health issues. In addition to that, you can add it to a wide variety of substances including edibles, lotions, and creams. This article explores the effectiveness of CBD topical creams and their possible side effects.

What is CBD?

CBD is short-term for cannabidiol. It is a compound that occurs naturally in cannabis Sativa. CBD is an alternative medicine that has the ability to treat various diseases. You can add CBD in products such as gummies, creams, balms, and candies. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. This means that it will not get you “high”. Whether you take it as an edible, sub-lingually, or as topical product, CBD does not have a euphoric effect.

What is CBD Cream?

CBD Cream is just a cream that contains CBD content. Generally, brands usually make creams for different purposes. Some of them contain preservatives and additives while others contain the basic ingredients which are in the kitchen. So, CBD extract can be added to any cream. This topical product contains anti-inflammatories and antioxidants with healing and soothing benefits.

Note: CBD Creams are not edibles. Refrain from eating them since consuming such a product can interfere with your health.

What Do CBD Creams Treat?

The application of CBD Cream is usually external. Unlike oils, tinctures, and edibles which reach the bloodstream, CBD cream simply interacts with the skin’s endocannabinoid system. So, some of the conditions which these products can treat include:

  • Acne
  • Joint pains
  • Muscle pains
  • Psoriasis
  • Arthritis
  • Eczema

The Best CBD Creams in the Market

CBD Topical Creams are available in retail outlets online. They are many brands that specialize in manufacturing them. This means that there are thousands of CBD topical products which are already on the market. Some of the best CBD Creams (and balms) include:


FAB CBD topical cream ranks among the high-quality CBD products in the market. It uses the quality hemp that naturally grows in Colorado. The CBD that they use the make the topical is a full spectrum CBD that will offer all the benefits of CBD. FAB CBD topical cream is an effective product that comes at a friendly price. You will smoothly apply on the areas where you feel some pain. The scent is also pleasant and delivers results faster. FAB CBD cream for pain relief is the best option for people suffering from joint and back pains. The customer reviews about the cream confirm its effectiveness in dealing with back and joint muscles.

CBD Type: Full-spectrum or whole plant CBD that naturally grows in Colorado

Potency: 600mg in a 2oz tube


  • Their CBD cream prices are friendly
  • Third-party lab testing result available for purposes of quality control from ProVerde laboratories
  • Fast-acting CBD salves topical cream
  • Uses CO2 extraction methods that rank best when extracting CBD
  • Best customer services basing on customer reviews


Do not have certification by FDA’S current good manufacturing practices (cGMPS). FAB CBD may take this step of certification anytime and should not be a reason to judge them.

Med TerraMedterra

Medterra is among the high-ranking brands when it comes to delivering quality CBD topical cream. They stick to all quality standards that make it reputable among the customers. The brand has the current good manufacturing practices from the FDA. The ingredient from the top brands is naturally soothing ingredients. They act faster to alleviate pain in parts of the body.

As a requirement for all the CBD brands, they have third-party laboratory testing results for quality control. You will access all the reports concerning the terpenes, metal content, and THC. The customers who don’t need any traces of psychoactive THC can use Medterra CBD topical cream.

CBD Type: uses high-quality CBD isolate sourced from hemp that is organically grown

Potency: Available in 500mg or 1000mg 1.7oz. pump


  • Medterra CBD is fast-acting
  • The product has been tested by third-party laboratories.
  • Receives best customer reviews
  • Their products are THC free making it a better choice for people who do not need traces of THC
  • The Medterra CBD topical specifically serves as a pain reliever


It May does not offer full CBD benefits because it uses a CBD isolate rather than a full spectrum CBD.

Spruce CBDSpruceCBD Cream

Spruce CBD topical cream is the best CBD Brand that helps people with muscle and joint pain. You can apply the Spruce CBD cream as often as you can in the areas of your skin. The brand ranks among the top companies that deliver quality CBD products to consumers. It uses all-natural ingredients such as water, mineral oil, glycerin, alcohol, and many other types of ingredients listed on their website.

It uses a wholly natural plant to derive its sweet testing smell. If you often go through situations that test Marijuana, you should be aware that Spruce CBD cream may have THC though it falls below the minimum of 0.3%. The Spruce CBD will give 300mg of lab-grade CBD in every 2onces jar and serves for topical purposes only.

CBD Type: Full-spectrum CBD oil from a whole natural cannabis plant

Potency: 300mg CBD in every 2ounces jar


  • Spruce topical CBD cream is an organic CBD
  • Pesticide-free CBD cream
  • All the third-party lab testing results are available for the customers to see
  • Fast-acting CBD topical cream for pain
  • Very affordable when compared with other CBD cream products.


You may test positive during a drug test which will interfere with your work schedule.


CBDfx uses the best botanicals and ingredients to make high-quality CBD topical creams and CBD salves. The CBDfx cream is effective for aches, pains, and even irritated skin. Its ingredients also serve to nourish the skin hence making it smooth and healthy. The brand follows best CBD practices, and they have all their party lab testing results available for the customers.

They use CO2 extraction processes that are the best way to extract the CBD from the hemp plant. CBDfx cream is best for nourishing the skin while it delivers other benefits of healing the aching muscles and joints. The CBD cream from the brand is formulated using water to enhance the rate of absorption into the bloodstream through the skin pores. You can bank on the fast-acting benefits that the CBDFX cream delivers to the users.

CBD Type: Broad-spectrum CBD

Potency: 750mg CBD per jar


  • Fast-acting
  • High-quality ingredients that treat the skin
  • Third-party lab testing results
  • CO2 extraction
  • Cost friendly


It focuses so much on skin issues than the pain-relief. Many people believe it is a beauty product.

Green RoadsGreen Roads

Green roads CBD brand is among the best CBD industries that will best CBD cream for pain relief. It is a perfect refuge when you need support with muscle and joint pains. When buying any CBD product, you will be focusing on third-party lab testing results, the mode of extraction, and the cost. Happily, the green roads CBD are fast-acting CBD products that will help you relieve joint and muscle pain. You will find many CBD topical cream types such as cool relief roll-on and other soothing creams that will perfectly serve the purpose.

The CBD isolate the makes green road CBD topical will help you focus on the specific area that hurts to deliver the benefits.

CBD Type: CBD isolate

Potency: 150 to 350mg CBD per jar


  • First acting CBD cream
  • Cost-effective per mg of CBD
  • Uses best extraction processes to extract high-quality CBD
  • THC-free CBD making it best for those who don’t want traces of THC.
  • Has the third-party lab testing results for people to confirm the components? You will find an elaborate analysis of THC, pesticides, and metals.


The Green Road CBD is a pure CBD isolate and may not give you full-spectrum benefits.

Benefits of CBD Creams

Using a CBD Cream provides just a local effect. The external application does not infiltrate the bloodstream. However, the strategic application on painful or aching areas of the body provides is still effective. The creams contain cannabinoids that interact with the endocannabinoid receptors. When the skin absorbs the cream, the anti-inflammatory in CBD provides a soothing effect. Some of the benefits of using CBD creams include:

Alleviating Pain

CBD Cream can aid in alleviating pain from different sources. It’s an effective external remedy that offers general relief. You can use a cream of your choice to soothe painful sunburns, ease crippling arthritis pain, and other types of joint pains and muscle aches.

Skin Care

CBD creams are not only effective in treating muscles and joints but also form part of skincare products. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidants in them help to fight damaging radicals that cause scars, dry skin, and wrinkles.  You can use a CBD Cream to treat skin condition such as:

  • Rashes
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Rashes
  • Acne

Note: The use of CBD to treat acne is not something new. This compound contains elements which have the ability to unclog skin pores. Additionally, it also a great moisturizer for cracked or dry skin. CBD creams are non-addictive and non-psychoactive products with long-lasting effects.

Side effects of CBD Creams

There are no inherent side effects of using CBD creams. However, most people experience allergies if they have sensitive skin. CBD Creams are made with ingredients such as vitamin E oil, beeswax, and olive oil and they may result in skin reactions. But generally, these ingredients are good and you can find them in most skincare products.

A person can only experience the side effects of these creams if they accidentally ingest them. This can be via smoking, eating, or sublingual intake. In the event that any of these happen, there are high chances that you may end up experiencing:

  • Dry mouth occurs as a result of the loss of electrolytes and low secretion of saliva
  • Drug interactions and the inability of the liver to effective process pharmaceutical drugs

CBD Cream Dosage

Currently, there is no universal dose for using CBD topical creams. Note that the CBD industry is still new. So, there is no legal governing body that regulates the selling or use of these creams. Factors such as the type of pain, injury, and ache all play a crucial role in determining the type of dosage. Additionally, age and gender are also important. It’s appropriate to start with a small dosage and then increase the dosage gradually.

Is it Really Safe and Effective to Use CBD Creams?

Yes. Using cream is safe and effective. The external application is one of the most effective ways to get a long-lasting effect. However, you need to be careful because applying too much of this cream can cause an allergic reaction. The skin may flare up and cause the development of rashes, redness, and burns. So, it’s important to check the ingredients which are in the cream. Additionally, it’s important for you to first consult with your health care provider before using CBD topical creams.

Final Thoughts

CBD topical creams are versatile and effective products. You can use them to treat joint pains, muscle aches, and other dermatological issues. These creams usually provide a local type of effect. So they are great for providing relief in different parts of the body. Overall, creams are some of the best CBD products because they are non-addictive and their effects are long-lasting.



By Dave Dougherty

Dave is a graduate of Indiana University. He currently holds a master's degree in Biological Sciences, and he has a great interest in the CBD industry. Dougherty is a famous product reviewer dealing with CBD brands. He writes about the best CBD brands while highlighting the sources and the processes involved in every brand to make CBD products. Dave educates people about the importance of CBD by explaining how CBD is helpful, unlike the psychoactive THC. He informs readers on CBD products and the key ingredients that all users should be looking for when looking for the best brands that will work for them. He currently works in the famous CBD industry as a consultant and writer about CBD products and CBD brands review.

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