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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a phytochemical that’s found in the cannabis plant. It’s one of the most popular compounds from cannabis which has a lot of medical benefits. CBD works with the endocannabinoid system in the human body to enhance various biological functions. Because of its increasing popularity, there are many brands which are now selling CBD products. Fab CBD is one of these products and it’s managed to stand out from the rest thanks to its quality products. This article offers a comprehensive review of different Fab CBD products.

About Fab CBD

Fab CBD is a great and popular brand in the medical marijuana industry. It’s a brand that uses pure organic hemp to formulate its products and the manufacturing process is done in approved facilities. The brand uses organic hemp which is 100 percent non-GMO. This hemp is cultivated in Colorado, one of the best places where organic hemp is grown globally. The brand sells quality topicals, full-spectrum CBD Oils as well as chew-ables with zero THC content.

One thing that makes this brand stand out is not only the premium products but also the lab results. The company has 3rd party lab test results which are available to customers. The certificates are usually found on the brand’s official website, under the EDUCATE section.

What Products Does Fab CBD Sell?

Although Fab CBD has a limited range of products, it’s actually one of the best brands out here. The few products are of high-quality with matching, affordable products. Fab CBD sells three types of products, Fab CBD Oils, Fab CBD Chews, and Fab CBD Topicals. They come in different flavors, strengths, and forms.

Fab CBD Products: Key features, Dosage, and Cost

Fab CBD is a popular brand in the medical marijuana industry. This is because this company consistently manufactures high-quality CBD products. Below are some of their key features, dosage, and cost of Fab CBD products which are in the market.

Fab CBD OilFabcbd Oil

They are full spectrum CBD products. Fab CBD Oils are pure and the full spectrum nature means that they don’t have other cannabinoids. They are made from pure organic hemp and lack chemical solvents including pesticides and herbicides. These oils have different types of flavors and use an all-natural type of flavoring. Additionally, the use of cloning equipment, state of the art growing, and extraction process. Depending on your needs, you can purchase Fab CBD oil of different strengths.

Key Features of Fab CBD Oil

  • They are obtained from organic hemp oil that’s chemical-free
  • The hemp is extracted using C02 extraction to preserve its purity
  • They are sold in three different types of flavors i.e. citrus, natural, and mint
  • The oils have four different types of strengths i.e. 150 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1200 mg.

Dosage and Cost

Generally, users need to start with the smallest dose i.e. the bottle with the lowest strength. This helps to test the level of your tolerance and you can purchase bottles with a higher level of strength once there is an increase in your body’s tolerance to CBD. A bottle of Fab CBD Oil starts from $39.00.

Note: If you are purchasing Fab CBD oil for your pet, then select a product with natural flavor. This is because your pet may have an unknown allergy to some flavors. Additionally, it’s important to know that these CBD oils are not suitable for vaping.

Fab CBD ChewsFabCBD Chews

Fab CBD Chews are edibles which are 100 percent vegan. They are made with organic CBD extracts hence they lack genetic modifications. As a brand, Fab CBD is currently selling one flavor of CBD chews i.e. the fruit flavor. Each of these edibles has a 25 mg strength. Purchasing a bottle of this product means that you will get 30 chews. Averagely, each chew has 5 mg of Vitamin C, a gram of sugar, 8 Mg of Sodium, 8 calories, and 1.5 g of carbs. Fab CBD chews are products which have a very long shelf-life and you can store them in a room temperature cabinet for up to one year.

Some of the organic ingredients which are used to make Fab CBD chews include pectin, ascorbic acid, natural flavors, gummy, natural colors, cane sugar, and of course, Hemp CBD isolate. These are vegan-friendly edibles which are 100 percent non-GMO. Besides that, they are also 100 percent free from the psychoactive THC content. But unlike Fab CBD Oils, these chews consist of CBD isolates. This means that they only contain cannabinoid as their active ingredient. The best thing about using Fab CBD chews is that you can use it a recovery treat after intense workouts or a snack.

Key Features

  • Tasty and delicious chews with fruity flavor
  • THC-free and vegan-friendly CBD products which are 100 percent organic
  • Safe and environmentally-friendly
  • Convenient for your on-the-go-to needs.
  • Can be used as a snack, pain reliever, or a post-workout treat
  • The chews are great for an instant effect hence re suitable for treating anxiety, headaches, etc.

Dosage and Cost

To get the best results, take one chew as recommended. Note that each chew has an average dose of 25 mg. Remember that consistency in the consumption of these chews is very important for good results. You can talk to your dietician or doctor about the dosage because the dosage usually varies depending on your personal needs. A bottle of the Fab CBD chews starts from $59.00.

Note: it’s important to take Fab CBD chews at the same time every day for better results.

Fab CBD TopicalFabcbd Topical

Fab CBD has only one kind of topical which is a cream. This product is suitable for those who are suffering from joint and muscle pains.  The manufacturing process of this topical product involves the use of pure hemp oil. It is then infused into a pain relief cream.  The application of this topical salve is usually external. Besides that, it provides a localized pain relief.

Fab CBD Topical is a premium product which has a long shelf life. You can store it up to one year and it will still have its initial level of effectiveness. Apart from the full spectrum hemp oil extract, other ingredients which are in these topicals include vitamin E, Citric Acid, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Distilled Water, Olive Oil, and Cinnamon among others.  Fab CBD Topicals have only one type of flavor i.e. fresh. However, you might notice a slight scent of orange blood. The topicals consist of 600 mg doses.

Key Features

  • The topicals help to relax the muscles and ease joint pains
  • They come in only one flavor i.e. fresh
  • Provide localized or targeted pain relief
  • Easy to apply and they are fast-acting
  • Have a creamy texture and refreshing smell.

Dosage and Cost

If you are just starting to use this topical, start with the smallest dose. Squeeze a dab which is fingertip-sized and then apply it on the area you desire and then massage it. Ensure that you consistently apply each dosage at the same time for best results. A bottle of Fab CBD topical costs $64.00.

Where to buy Fab CBD products

You can buy Fab CBD products online. There are multiple online retail outlets which sell CBD products. However, one of the best places to purchases Fab CBD oil, chews, or topical is from the official website. Log in to fabcbd.com, create your account and then shop for any product that’s on sale.

Positives of Using Fab CBD Products

This brand sells premium CBD products that are environmentally and vegan-friendly. There are numerous positives of using these products. They are chemical-free and well-extracted in approved facilities. This means that they are free of THC content and other additives. Besides that, they provide almost instant and long-lasting effects.

Negatives of Using Fab CBD Products

Generally, Fab CBD products are safe and vegan-friendly. However, there are some rare instances where consumers may experience negative side effects. Well, this could be as a result of allergic reactions from the ingredients. Besides that, an application or consumption overdose may result in unwanted side effects. To avoid this, it’s important to check out the label and analyze the ingredients. Additionally, use the products in only recommended doses.

Customer Reviews

Fab CBD products have received numerous positive customer reviews. For instance, most consumers claim that the oils are effective in providing pain relief, enhancing sleep, and stabilizing mood. The topicals have a good rating due to their ability to ease muscle soreness and joint pain. Lastly, the vegan-friendly chews also have good ratings thanks to their effectiveness in providing pain relief, easing anxiety, and improving moods.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Fab CBD is a brand that sells quality products. The vegan-friendly edibles, effective topicals, and scented oils are suitable for a wide range of uses. These products are effective in treating various medical issues without causing serious side effects and are ,therefore, highly recommendable.


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Dave is a graduate of Indiana University. He currently holds a master's degree in Biological Sciences, and he has a great interest in the CBD industry. Dougherty is a famous product reviewer dealing with CBD brands. He writes about the best CBD brands while highlighting the sources and the processes involved in every brand to make CBD products. Dave educates people about the importance of CBD by explaining how CBD is helpful, unlike the psychoactive THC. He informs readers on CBD products and the key ingredients that all users should be looking for when looking for the best brands that will work for them. He currently works in the famous CBD industry as a consultant and writer about CBD products and CBD brands review.

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