Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid

The marijuana plant is now hitting the headlines for good reasons in America. Recent studies have surprising results because many Americans are seeking refuge from cannabis plants. It is vital to note that the cannabis plants do vary! Every cannabis type has specific reasons that make it attractive, and the article shall deliberate on everything you need to know about Sativa vs. Indica vs. hybrid Cannabis.

America now boasts the highest number of active cannabis users. The adult users now stand at a threshold above 35 million, and they have a reason for using it. The majority agrees on the medicinal functions of Cannabis, while some few use it for recreational purposes. What could be the reason for an increase in several users? It could be the legalization of marijuana. But the primary function that has made Cannabis undeniable is the medicinal use where adult Americans are now seeking refuge from the plant.

Interestingly, the number of smokers and marijuana consumers is now at a draw! It is no longer a secret that Cannabis is beneficial, and people will now want to know more about this controversial yet beneficial plant. Are you one of them? Keep reading for insights on everything you need to know about sativa vs. indica vs. hybrid Cannabis.

What Should You Look for To Understand Strain Effects?

Sativa vs. indica vs. hybrid controversy arises because people fail to understand a single fact that will bring a lot of difference. Cannabis Strains is a small topic but carries the weight of understanding the difference between cannabis products. When you need to understand the strain effects or the factors that separate the strains, it takes a piece of knowledge in cannabinoids and terpenes. The article shall deliberate on each of them separately to impart details that are hard to find on other sites.

The article shall begin with understanding the Sativa types. You should note that you will be consuming Cannabis basing on the needs that you want. If you need something more energizing with a characteristic of invigorating effects, you should buy the Sativa types.

The cannabis users who need something calming and bring an overall relaxation should consider the Indica types. Obtaining the cannabis types isn’t that a walk in the park because the cannabis plants will be producing varying types depending on their chemical composition.

To separate the plants, you should categorize them in chemovar, where each of them has a specific cannabinoid and terpenes content. You can ensure to have the best information when you know the cannabinoid profile of every strain.

The article will look at the cannabinoid and terpenes profiles to help you better understand what you should know to understand strain effects.


The restrictions that Cannabis is still facing are due to the compounds available in the plant. The plant has a variety of components that will bring positive and negative effects. The naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plants are responsible for the functions that we get in consuming the products. The presence of harmful compounds such as THC is the primary reason the cannabis plant is yet to be legal in every state.

More thorough research about the compounds in the cannabis plants is still underway, though most studies have found the effects of the two primary compounds in the cannabis plants. CBD and THC are common compounds with opposite benefits, though some studies conclude that both CBD and THC work together to bring synergistic benefits.

THC is the compound that you will find in cannabis plants. It is a psychoactive compound responsible for the high feeling that consumers experience when they take the cannabis strains. The level of THC varies from strain to strain, but there is a concern about the rise as growers try to come up with a new product.

CBD is an abundant compound in cannabis plants with promising benefits. Many CBD brands are delivering the best CBD products. The standard CBD products are CBD gummies, CBD oil, and CBD topical. They are beneficial in treating several conditions such as anxiety, pain, and stress. These CBD products don’t have any high effects. When you have obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress symptoms, the CBG (Cannabigerol) will be an option for treating the anxiety.

Another compound is CBN and THCA. Cannabinol is useful when you are suffering from neurological conditions because it relieves the symptoms. In instances where you suffer muscle stiffness, CBN will be helpful. THCA (tetrahydrocannabinol acid) will not cause any psychoactive impact like THC but will reduce inflammations resulting from arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.


Many researchers assume that CBD and THC are prudent when doing their due diligence about CBD products, and they often fail to realize the prudence of terpenes. Terpenes are naturally occurring in cannabis plants, and they are determinants of the smell. Terpenes also influence the way some strains will work in the human body.

Here are the leading types of terpenes that you should know. They are vital when identifying the effects of the sativa vs. indica vs. hybrid strains.

Bisabolol is the leading type of terpene that has benefits. The terpenes contain traces of chamomile and tea tree oil and are prudent in reducing inflammations and irritation. The terpene also influences pain and will impart to the user with some microbial benefits.

Caryophyllene is another type of terpene that is available in cannabis strains. The molecule has a spicy taste and will have a light pepper taste. It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Linalool is another product that will improve your relaxation while boosting your moods.

Myrcene is the most abundant terpene in the cannabis strains. It is an earthy molecule that has several functions in boosting the use of CBD. Patients with conditions such as sleeplessness and anxiety will have a better sleep when they consume this compound.

Cimene plays more immunological roles due to the availability of mango, basil, and parsley. It helps in warding off the invasion of viruses and also easing the congestion. Pinene has a similarity with pine because it produces a pine aroma. If you enjoy the pine Aroma, then you will have to add it to other benefits that it accords, like reducing pain, easing the effects of THC, and also improves memory.

Other common types of terpenes are Terpinolene, limonene, Humulene, and eucalyptol. When you consume Cannabis with Terpinolene, you will notice an apple-like smell. You may also smell the cumin and conifers. It is a medicinal compound that will protect you against fungi, bacteria, and sedatives. Limonene has bright citrus notes that will improve your moods hence gaping the impact of stress.

Humulene and eucalyptol terpenes will feature in the sativa vs. Indica vs. hybrid discussion because they help identify the types. Humulene is earthy and woody and has an impact on reducing inflammations. Eucalyptol has notes of eucalyptus and tea tree and will accord a refreshing and invigorating feeling. It also has functions in fighting bacteria and reducing inflammations.

Sativa Strains

CBD satiba strains

It is now easier to narrow down to the three specific cannabis strains available for growers and consumers. The cannabis sativa strains will grow well in warmer environments with high humidity. The warm and humid conditions are in Central America, Southeast Asia, and South America.

The cannabis sativa plants are physically tall and slender. Their leaves are skinny and have a light green color. Many users of the Sativa strains agree that it influences the mind because they often cause a high feeling. The euphoria may be a result of the high content of THC. Sativa strains are beneficial in altering moods and energization. It may not be the best product during the night hours.

The CBD doses in the cannabis sativa strain are lower when you compare with the THC levels. Using the sativa strains will make you more productive and creative. The stimulating impact is the reason many users take them during the daytime. It may not be a choice when you want to sleep.

Popular Sativa Cannabis Strains

The popular sativa cannabis strains now available are Acapulco gold, Panama red, Durban poison, sour diesel, and green crack. Other types are jack herer, lemon haze, and super silver haze. People use the varieties of cannabis sativa for varying reasons. The most common reasons are to ease headache, easing depression, and decreasing nausea. Other functions are; increasing the focus and also improving appetite.

Cannabis sativa strains are famous with the CBD families, and they form the basis of CBD products. You can find many varieties from online platforms. You should be able to identify the terpenes and cannabinoids present. Relying on the name may be problematic because some brands are fond of malpractices.

Indica Strains

CBD indica strains

Indica cannabis strains will do well in harsh regions. If you stay in the middle east, you are in a better position to grow high-quality indica cannabis plants. The place has a harsh and dry climate best for growing indica cannabis. The indica cannabis plants do not resemble the sativa types. They are short and bushy with broad and dark green leaves. You will notice that the cannabis sativa types do have buds while the indica cannabis is denser.

The effects of Indica cannabis focuses more on the body, while the sativa affects the mind. It causes couch lock or body euphoria. Consuming the indica cannabis causes a relaxing impact that is best for people who need to sleep. They are the best options during the night hours because they will relax your nerves hence a sweet slumber.

The indica strains trace their origin in the native Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. The indica plants adapt to the harsh climates of the Hindu Kush mountains of the middle east. They are short and chunky plants with broad and bushy leaves that will grow wide and broad. Their growth is faster than that of a cannabis sativa and will produce dense buds than the sativa types.

The cannabis indica types do have a high concentration of CBD than THC. In some indica types, the amount of THC may be the same as that of the CBD, but often CBD is more. The Users of the indica cannabis prefer it for the accord intense relaxation and general calmness. It will also be beneficial in reducing stress, anxiety, and pain. Cannabis indica is best for use during the night hours because it will bring relaxation and sleep. It may not be good to take it during the daytime because it will cause you to be sluggish.

Popular Indica Cannabis Strains

The lead reasons that make people use the indica cannabis strain are reducing anxiety, easing insomnia, and reducing nausea. Other functions include increasing appetite and relieving body pain. Sativa vs. indica vs. hybrid-high discussions agrees on the benefits.

The common types of indica strains available are the Hindu Kush, bubba Kush, and northern lights. Other types are purple Kush, blue cheese, and granddaddy purple. The popularity of the cannabis indica strains varies from place to place based on availability.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains

Crossing indica and Sativa types of Cannabis will yield hybrid Cannabis. It may take more than two strains to form the hybrid Cannabis, and the results that it can deliver to the users are the climax of indica and sativa types. Hybrid Cannabis can either be indica- dominant or sativa dominant. The effects that hybrid users get will vary because they are dependent on the dominant. Notably, they can be of equal measure and therefore, will deliver the mid results of indica and sativa types.

The growers of hybrid cannabis strains have been continually coming up with new strains targeting specific uses. The hybrid Cannabis grows in farms and greenhouses where they combine sativa and indica types. The resulting plant will solely depend on the appearance of the parent plants and will not have a specific appearance like the indica or the sativa types.

The THC content in most hybrid Cannabis is often high because that is the primary reason for growing the hybrid Cannabis. Every type will have a unique ratio of CBD to THC. Every farmer will grow hybrid Cannabis for a specific reason. The benefits may range from reducing anxiety, easing stress, and easing the symptoms of chemotherapy. You can use hybrid Cannabis anytime, but it will solely depend on the predominant compound. The hybrid Cannabis can either be indica hybrid or sativa hybrid basing on the product that comes out after combining them.

Popular Hybrid Cannabis Strain

The most dominant types of Hybrid Cannabis are fire OG, Og Kush, Blue Dream, White Widow, AK-47, and pineapple express. Others are a train wreck and a Blue Dream. The local popularity of the hybrid type will depend on local availability and the ease of growth. The hybrid Cannabis does not have a specific location where it can do well because it is more experimental, where growers attempt to combine several strains to yield a new hybrid that may be effective for a specific purpose.

How To Choose the Right Product For You?

There are many users of the indica and sativa types. Everyone has their specific reason for using the product, and it is beneficial to have the needs put forward. Sativas are best during the day, while indica will be best during the rest hours. It is their characteristics that will define how you will choose them. The cannabis sativa will be a great option If you have an intention to do heavy work, and you will do well with something more energizing.

The choice of the products that you will choose will depend on several factors such as;

  • The desired effect-What you intend to get when you use the cannabis products will determine the choice of the product that you will choose. If you need Cannabis for pain, anxiety, and chronic pain, it may imply that you will choose the one that has a targeted purpose. If you need a product that will bring relaxation and calmness, you may need to consider the indica types of Cannabis.
  • Your tolerance level-Are you a pro with cannabis products? You can take as much as your body will take, but the beginners should begin with a small dose and gradually increase until they arrive at a perfect tolerance level that will work for them. Always start with low potency strains and increase the dose until you find the dose that best works for you.
  • Medical history-Some medicines can interact with marijuana. You should consult your doctor if you are under some kinds of medications to advise you. Ensure that the medications you are taking do not interact with the cannabis strains. It is better to leave it altogether than taking a health risk.
  • How do you take your Cannabis-The way you take the cannabis product will also be another factor that you should consider when choosing cannabis products. If you need a quicker effect, it will be best to consider the types of Cannabis that are smoke-able. Edibles will be best if you are not in a rush and can do well with a slow effect. If you enjoy taking edible Cannabis, you can choose the best Cannabis that is edible. How you will take CBD cannabis is vital when choosing the cannabis strains. Some people will enjoy vaping while others will take the products sublingually.
  • Price of  the strains-It would help if you did not mind about the price but rather the price to potency levels. Ensure that the cost of the cannabis strains is not exploitative. It should offer the user a cost-effective benefit. Some brands charge high prices, yet the quality of the product is not to the standard.

Other factors that you must not ignore when choosing the best Cannabis product are the mode of growing, the third-party lab testing results, and the certificate of analysis. Please do not ignore these factors because they will be prudent when you are doing your due diligence. A certificate of analysis, for instance, is a milestone when you want to ascertain the potencies and the availability of chemicals.

Notably, every cannabis product targets specific conditions, and you should be choosing them based on what they can do. There are specific types of products best for pain, anxiety, and stress, while others will be useful in sleep and insomnia. Others will work best in relieving arthritis and cancer symptoms. Ensure that you are choosing them based on what the product can do.


It is prudent to note that Cannabis is facing restrictions in many countries, and the few enlightened states have legalized them. THC compound available in the Cannabis plans this the sole reason Cannabis is still illegal in many nations. The history of cannabis legality is short and is only in 50 states in the united states of America. The legal framework of Cannabis only lies under the medical or recreational framework and not for any other purpose. You can now get a Cannabis prescription from a doctor and always have an age restriction.

Some states allow it for medicinal use with a strict regulation at the source to ensure the THC levels are low. Every prospective user should check the regulation standards in its states before using them to be on the positive side of the law. Cannabis products are still illegal under federal law and can get you in trouble when you don’t know the laws in your state.

You can rely on prescription cannabis products such as epidiolex that are prescribed to patients with seizures. The laws are still evolving, and the prospects of the cannabis laws are promising.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis products are now overwhelming. Many brands are now selling the products, and they all promise the best results when you take them for pain, anxiety, and stress. You should consult your doctor if you want to begin using cannabis products to advise you on how best you can use them.

Be sure to buy cannabis products from a reputable brand that has positive reviews from genuine customers. You can check the company’s reputation through the customer comments and also the certificate of analysis. The certificate of analysis will contain information about the potencies, types of Cannabis, and other relevant information.

Always know what you need and what you are buying so that you don’t end up with a cannabis strain when you need an indica strain. Defining your purpose, us the first step that will lead you to make the right choice about cannabis products.

By Josh Stephen

Despite graduating with an honors degree in medicine and surgery, Josh Stephen did not pursue his career. He had a great interest in CBD products, and he launched a self-help group that targeted people suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress. Josh later finds a breakthrough upon researching different kinds of CBD strains and their effectiveness. He understood that every user has its specific CBD requirement, and he elaborated on the difference between the CBD strains. His 7-year research work and writing have earned him a reputation as the best eBook seller in the CBD industry. He now works as a writer and strains consultant in one of the famous CBD brands.

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