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Nowadays, cannabis is a standard product when dealing with many issues. Some use those products for anxiety, some for mental health issues, and some for muscle pain. The market for these products is even broader than you might think it is.

More and more people are trying CBD products, and many of them are happy that they did. Most CBD products are made with natural products, and they might be 100% organic; feel free to try them out!

As I said, the market is big and getting bigger by the minute. There are countless brands and products. I recommend you make the best out of the opportunities. The offer is better every day, and you are in the right place to start looking.

However, it would be best if you were careful; many companies offer low-quality products that can potentially harm you. Do not worry too much; most of the brands you will consider are trustworthy and reliable if not all of them.
In this article, we are going to review Lazarus naturals CBD.

This brand is considered one of the best and one that you should trust. Next, you will understand why they are one of the best and why you should consider them when looking for a CBD product. You will not be wasting your time; you need to be sure that whatever you are consuming is good for you and your health.

Many people would buy the first CBD oil that they can find, and they end up suffering the consequences of not doing enough research. Also, remember always to ask your doctor and follow the process of the product with him. Every human is different, so their bodies; because your buddy used the product and works perfectly on him does not mean that it will work for you.

Lazarus Naturals Brand Profile

This company, based in Portland, USA, was founded in the year 2014 by Sequoia Price-Lazarus. They started as a pretty small and local company where all four company members were selling handmade products.

However, nowadays, they are one of the most well-known CBD companies in the country. Despite their growth, they kept their model to take care of everything from the farm to your front door. Its reputation among its customers and their more loyal users are pretty good.

Their reputation online supports it they usually get either 4 or 5 stars in the online reviews. The Better Business Bureau, the organization that rates companies, rated Lazarus Naturals with an A+ rating.

Also, they are a company that supports some social causes, and they have been linked to some community-based nonprofit organizations. For example, last year, they committed to give $100,000 in donations for social justice causes. Their customer service system is known to be good but maybe not the best.

However, they offer fast delivery and some discounts on their website. Also, they will ship your product on the same day if you buy it before 11:45 AM (Pacific Time). Even more, they offer three-day shipping for no charge.

Also, they will provide you with the chance to return any product within 90 days of the purchase. However, you would have to be a United States resident for them to pay the shipping fee. There are many companies with transparency issues, but that is not the case with Lazarus Naturals. This transparency comes from the sourcing, the manufacturing process, and the tests made by third-party laboratories. 70% of their hemp is sourced on a farm in Oregon.

Their manufacturing process follows the FDA standards. The company uses an extraction method based on Ethanol. After that, the CBD products go through another purifying process to get rid of everything that should not be in the CBD product. After all of the techniques to achieve a high-quality product, they will use recycled materials and packaging. The company wants to be carbon neutral by the year 2030.

After all the processes made to have the perfect product, they run a series of lab tests. As I said before, they are made by third-party laboratories. The laboratory that is in charge of those tests is Columbia Laboratories. These results are made available on the internet.

Lazarus Naturals CBD offers a good and reasonable price. Some companies are constantly focusing their prices on getting the maximum earnings.

However, Lazarus Naturals try to provide the best price for their customers. They are not trying to maximize profits but maximize their customer’s satisfaction. Part of customer satisfaction involves being okay with the price the product is offered. That is something that Lazarus can be sure that they have a great offer.

Lazarus Natural Products

Lazarus Naturals products have a wide variety, and you can find the one that will fit you the best. Of course, CBD oils are the usual product that anyone would choose, but you should consider some that you should consider when looking for a CBD product.

Here we will review some of their best products so you can learn what you need and want. You should know that Lazarus Naturals offers both full-spectrum products as well as THC-free/ isolates products. Reviewing these products, you will find out that one product that you thought was not good for you might be the one that works the best.

The products that are on this list might work for you or do not. CBD products are not like other medicaments. A CBD product that worked for your friend does not guarantee you that it will work for you. Everybody is different, and so are our organisms. Be careful with what you consume, and you must speak with your doctor about it.

Here is the list:

Lazarus Naturals Tinctures

This product is one of the most chosen by Lazarus Naturals customers. These products are widely believed that work for sleeping issues. Many times people are looking for that one thing that can get them to sleep. Some would leave the TV on or the window open, but this product will erase that concern from you. The bottle will come with a dropper so you can manage the quantity.

This product comes in a flavor called “earthy taste,” which is nonflavored. This might be a bummer for many people. But, on the other hand, everything of the oil is natural, vegan, and gluten-free.

The tincture is a full spectrum CBD, which means that everything on the hemp plant is used. This might be an issue for people looking for a THC-free product. The potency of this product might be the highlight of it. It contains 50 milligrams of CBD every 1 milliliter of the oil. (1 ml equals one serving).

Also, you can find it in different sizes, which are the following:

  • 15 ml (it contains 750 mg of CBD)
  • 60 ml (it contains 3,000 mg of CBD)
  • 120 ml (it contains 6,000 mg of CBD)

These different sizes will let you decide the dosage. However, the potency is always the same, and that will not vary according to the size of the bottle.

As we discussed earlier in the article, the price of their products is reasonable, you might find a cheaper one or a more expensive one, but it is the average price and excellent quality. The size of the packages will determine the

price. Here are the costs for the tinctures:

  • 15 ml bottle is $16.80.
  • 60 ml bottle is $49.
  • 120 ml bottle is $84.

Lazarus Naturals Capsules and Soft Gels

These capsules are probably the highest quality when it comes to low price products. They are available in different sizes and different potencies. As well as other Lazarus Natural Products, they are vegan friendly, and they are full spectrum. These brand capsules might be the best option in the market, so you should seriously consider them while looking for a CBD product.

There are two choices for you to decide. You can either buy the capsules or the soft gels. They are the same, but the capsules are more like a pill while the soft gels are more like a gummy.

Some people might argue that taking CBD products might look wrong or weird in some way. Well… if you are one of those people, capsules are probably the best option for you! They are discrete, and they will help you the same way any other CBD product will.

You even have the chance to choose the potency that you want and the quantity that you want. Here are some of the options that you have available to buy. There are four potencies: 25 mg, 50mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg.

The potency and the quantity will determine the price of these products. Usually, a lower potency product is cheaper because the CBD concentration is lower. They come in three different sizes, ten pieces, 40 and 200. As the potency increases, the sizes will vary, as you will notice.

Here are the prices of the capsules:

  • 25 mg capsules/ soft gels: $10 for 10, $30 for 40 and $120 for 200.
  • 50 mg capsules/ soft gels: $16 per 10, 450 per 40 and $200 per 200.
  • 100 mg capsules/ soft gels: $28 per 10, $56 per 25 and $140 per 80.
  • 200 mg capsules/ soft gels: $20 per 10, $40 per 25 and $200 per 80.

Lazarus Naturals Topical

This company will offer you a CBD Balm, which you will love! This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a topical which can be used for anything. This topical will not only help you with either your muscle pain or inflammation, but also it will make your skin look better and be healthier.

Most of the topicals offered in the market are isolates. However, Lazarus Naturals topical has full spectrum extract from the plant. The upside to it is that this product will provide you with faster and better performance.

Lazarus Naturals topicals come in different sizes and different scents. The scents available for purchase are the following: unscented, cedar citrus, Portland rose, lavender, and mint. This will determine the price of the products—the price for the 0.67 oz. The topical is $16. And this size contains 400 mg of CBD. Regarding the price, you could get some discounts if you go over to their website!

Lazarus Naturals for Pets

This company offers oil for your pet. In many cases, dogs need something to relax them, and CBD might be the solution. Many methods can help, but CBD has been proved to be quite effective. This CBD oil will be not only healthy for your pet but the dog/ cat will probably love this product!

Lazarus Naturals offer two options for your pet: The oil, which is pretty similar to the one you can use, and they also offer dog treats. Sometimes, these treats will be tastier for your pet, and so it will enjoy it more. For both products, they offer three different options that some of which vary in price. Here is the list of those products:

  • Calming Pet CBD Oil: 15 ml (300 mg of CBD) costs $8.40 and 60 ml (1,2000 mg of CBD) costs $26,60.
  • Calming Pet CBD Oil (Wild Salmon): 15 ml costs $12- and 60-ml costs $38.
  • Flavorless Sensitive Pet CBD Oil: The only option is 60ml which costs $38.
  • Digestion CBD Dog Treats 50 treats in the package for $17,50. Pumpkin flavor.
  • Vitality CBD Dog Treats 50 treats in the package for $17,50. Sweet Potato flavor.
  • Mobility CBD Dog Treat: 50 treats in the package for $20. Salmon flavor.

Concentrates and RCO

This method of consumption is known for its high levels of THC and high potency. The name RCO comes from the inventor who was a medical marijuana activist named Rick Simpson. The Lazarus Naturals RCO contains 2.2 mg of THC in one serving (1 milligram).

However, you might think this is illegal, but it is not; the legal limit is over that amount, so everything is permitted. This product has 100 mg of CBD per milliliter, which makes it a high potency option. There are some forms of usage, but the most common ones are either put it under your tongue or mix it with your food. Using it in the food might be the best option if you are new to the product. In addition, this product’s potency allows you to make edibles for yourself.

This product is full-spectrum and comes in two different sizes. You can buy a 10 ml syringe or the 50 ml one. The 10 ml contains 1,000 mg of CBD, while the 50 ml contains 5,000 mg. The 10 ml option costs $32, and the 50 ml option is $150.

Hand Sanitizer

There is not much that we can talk about; it is just hand sanitizer with some CBD. It will not change the fact that it has alcohol and will kill most if not all of the bacteria in your hand. But, again, there is not much information about the CBD potency or the type of CBD.

One thing we can say about it is that they will donate 10% of the earning to some charities, which includes:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Food banks
  • Grocery workers
  • Homeless shelters
  • Correctional facilities

The price for this product is $2,50, and they only offer one size, which is 100ml. In addition, the product provided comes with a lemon scent.

Pros and Cons For Lazarus Naturals

Every product has its good things and bad things; these Lazarus Naturals products are not the exception. You might consider some things better than the rest and some that you might believe that they could be doing that better. They probably know that they are not perfect, and you can contact them and let them know if you are not satisfied with the customer experience. Here is a list of things that might be considered either good or bad about them:

  • Price: They offer reasonable prices, which are lower than average with a good quality product
  • Variety: Some products offer a wide range when it comes to potencies and flavors
  • CBD Type: They offer both isolates and full-spectrum products, which may end up having a broader market.
    This good thing about them is usually what separates them from the rest. However, there are some aspects that they could work on to be even better.
  • Variety: Yes! They are good and bad at the same time. It is not the same for all products, and some of their product lines lack options.
  • Side Effects: As with all CBD products, some side effects could alter some of your activities during the day, but you will have to deal with them. However, they are usually mild and should not be a significant problem.

Final Thoughts

Lazarus Naturals is one of the brands that you should consider when looking for a CBD product, no doubt about it. Good quality for a reasonable price is not easy to find. CBD is getting even more common every day, and I would recommend that you consult it with your doctor at least. This might be the start of your painless life, more relaxed and enjoying every moment of it in the end, we only live once!

By Josh Stephen

Despite graduating with an honors degree in medicine and surgery, Josh Stephen did not pursue his career. He had a great interest in CBD products, and he launched a self-help group that targeted people suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress. Josh later finds a breakthrough upon researching different kinds of CBD strains and their effectiveness. He understood that every user has its specific CBD requirement, and he elaborated on the difference between the CBD strains. His 7-year research work and writing have earned him a reputation as the best eBook seller in the CBD industry. He now works as a writer and strains consultant in one of the famous CBD brands.

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