National CBD Day Deals

CBD, which is a short form for Cannabidiol, is a compound derived from cannabinoid plants. The compound gets its reputation from many medicinal uses like soothing pain, healing depression, and treating anxiety. National CBD day will be on August 8, and it’s the only chance for CBD lovers to garb the best CBD day deals from the best-selling brands. The Food and Drug Administration is yet to approve the over-the-counter CBD products. Every CBD brand with a reputation will not miss a recent certificate of analysis and the third-party lab testing results.

It is imperative to know the following terms that often define several CBD products.

  • Full-spectrum CBD: A full-spectrum CBD contains all compounds, though the hemp-extracted CBD has THC below 0.3%. It will have rich terpenes, CBG, CBD, and other compounds.
  • Terpenes: Terpenes are available in hemp plants and are responsible for the aroma of the CBD products
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol: a psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant responsible for the high feeling.
  • CBD isolate: Will contain pure CBD and no traces of other compounds
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: Broad-spectrum CBD will have other natural cannabis compounds except for THC.

About National CBD Day

The National CBD day will be on August 8 and is meant to create awareness and introduce people to the good sales of CBD products. The day traces its history back to 2018, when the CBDMD team started the popularization program, but it was not possible because the CBD products were illegal at a federal level. The 2018 farm bill relived the dreams, and a team had to apply on the National day calendar to name August 8 as the national CBD day, and it bored fruits.

The farm bill then becomes law in December 2018, enabling all hemp products to be legal. It was the approval that made the selling of CBD products to be easy. Cannabis sites are now at the forefront of popularizing CBD products and are covered in mainstream publications like Newsweek and Forbes. The sites are now engaged in selling through exclusive discounts. More sales are expected this August, even as National CBD day is encroaching.

The national CBD day will be on Sunday, August 8. CBD ranks among the non-intoxicating compounds available in cannabis plants and has received a wider use for medicinal purposes. When you ingest the CBD into the body, it influences the cells n the body to help regulate sleep, appetite and immunity, and pain.

Are you anxious, and can you wait to get the best CBD product during the commemoration day? You are at the right place. The article will be deliberating with National CBD day deals for you to choose from. The article compiles five brands with the best products and deals to make your National CBD day memorable.

Best Deals of National CBD Day

Here are the best-selling companies with the best deals on national CBD day that you can order from. The article will be deliberating on a brief review and the popular products that the brand is selling.


Fabcbd OffersFab CBD is the best CBD brand, now offering15% for purchases above $50$, 20 % for purchases above $100, and 25% for purchases above $150 for all their products to commemorate National CBD day. The CBD day deals are available for everyone intending to buy the CBD products. The company was founded in 2014 and has had a good reputation for the few years it has been in operation.

The Business does not have a BBB rating now, but that should not be a worry because they have not received the warning letters from FDA. The company has never been in any lawsuits, therefore confirming its relevance in the industry.

The FAB CBD coupon code offers a lucrative 20% discount to its customers. All you need is to visit the FAB CBD website and click the shop option. You will then have access to the end, where you can order whatever you want from the website. You can add in your cart the information about the size and flavors. When you have all the products on the list, you can proceed to checkout. Al products qualify for the FAB CBD offer, and the coupon code you get is only applicable for the FAB CBD website.

Pro Verde labs test the products from FAB CBD, though it has not certified the current good manufacturing practices. The brand is transparent concerning how they manufacture their products and uses the CO2 extraction method to extract the CBD from the hemp grown in Colorado.

Popular Products

Fab CBD popular products are CBD oils, gummies, slaves, cream, dog treats, and superfoods. The product can either be an isolate or a full spectrum with varying potencies.

MedTerra CBD

Medterra OffersMedterra CBD now ranks among the best sites with the best deals for National CBD deals day. Visit the Medterra CBD website to access the best deals while choosing the best CBD products that will augur your needs. With the code PURE at checkout, you get 30% off on all Medterra Orders Jay Hartenbach started the California-based company in 2017 after noting a lack of transparency and quality education on CBD from other brands. The coupon codes are varying, and you should check their website to get the best deals.

There is a striking difference between MEDTERA and another brand in three ways. First, they are ahead in clinical research about CBD. They pay attention to synergistic formulations and, finally, the affordability of CBD products. The company then analyze their products at green scientific labs, a lab that is ISO 1725-accredited. Medterra harvests the CBD from hemp using the CO2 extraction method. You can check out for there products for the best CBD day deals 2021.

Popular Products

The popular CBD products from Medterra are the gummies and the CBD oil tinctures. You will also find other CBD products such as salves, creams, and capsules. The popular CBD products are oil which is 99%CBD, and MCT oil. Available in 500mg, 1000mg and 3000mg strengths. The CBD tinctures contain 30 servings and are available in 30mls bottles.

NuLeaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals OffersNuLeaf naturals have handsome offers for their customers for the national CBD day deals. The company launched in 2014, now has a reputation for best practices and products. It uses Botanacor labs to analyses its products. The lab is ISO -17025-Certified for quality and accuracy. The brand is also cGMP certified because they are following the current good manufacturing practices.

NuLeaf offers 20% off for the entire orders with the code ALLCBD20 that you made from their website. Visit NuLeaf and add your orders to the cart, and you will enjoy the coupon codes that they are offering to promote the CBD products during the national CBD day deals.

Popular products 

The company is deliberating on three main popular products: full-spectrum hemp oil, full-spectrum CBD capsules, and full-spectrum hemp CBD pet oil.


CBDMD OfferscbdMD was incorporated in 2015 in North Carolina and now boasts a better business Bureau rating. The company has a good reputation despite a few pending lawsuits that attempt to dirtily their reputation. According to NSF International, the company received the good manufacturing practices certification in 2020, and they send some of their products to independent laboratories for testing. You can take advantage of their amazing CBD offers for National CBD day and be at the forefront in participating in forums and educations programs through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

CBDMD makes its products using broad-spectrum CBD. The broad-spectrum CBD does not contain a trace of the psychoactive THC. Customers who buy from CBDMD enjoy the be customer services and the 60-day return policies.

Use the code CBDDAY30 at checkout and get 30% off on all Orders.

Popular products

The popular products from CBDMD are oils, gummies, topicals, capsules, and bath bombs.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte web was founded by Stanley’s brothers in Colorado. The sickness of Charlotte Figi is the inspiration for developing charlotte’s webs.

charlottesweb OffersCharlotte’s web offers one discount code per order, Use code OIL30 to save 30% on all your CBD oils. The codes apply to carts that have up to 5 orders in an online order, and you get a 30% discount. You can enjoy the discount codes by visiting the website and adding your orders to the cart to have charlotte’s web National CBD day deals.

Charlotte web has built a reputation for itself and is now among the respected brands with top-class CBD products. The company has an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, though they received a warning letter from Food and drug administration in 2017.

Generally, the company provides a batch of certificates of analysis which will provide information about the CBD on the levels of THC, extracts, and any other compound present in the CBD.

Popular products

Charlotte’s web manufactures CBD products such as CBD gummies, oil, tinctures, capsules, salves, vapes, and topicals. Charlotte’s web products are receiving the best reviews due to their quality and their unquestionable practices.

Wrap Up

The national CBD day is an important day that will play a role in popularizing and educating people on the importance of CBD. There are many misconceptions about CBD, and people need to get correct information about what they get when They take CBD.

The national CBD day will answer many questions, and you will get a chance to order products at a discounted price. The education will also focus on how beginners can introduce CBD into their lives and what they need to pay attention to be safe with CBD products.

Be part of the team by joining the team that will be active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in informing people about the CBD during the National CBD day.

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