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The pineapple 99 strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has intense effects. Part of the reasons why cannabis users like it are the tasty tropical pineapple flavor and the sunk and citrus undertones. Users also love the 99 pineapple strain owing to its calming and very relaxing effects.

This strain makes a good time for unwinding and relaxing, particularly in the evening and the late afternoons. We believe that there are much better things about this strain apart from the exquisite tropical flavors. You can argue this with the fact that there is always a reason why people include tropical drinks in the list of their favorite beverages.

If you love strains having some sweet tropical pineapple flavor, the pineapple 99 strain is your go-to choice. Other than its tasty flavor and appealing aroma, read through this pineapple strain review to learn other things that the strain offers.

What is Pineapple 99 Strain?

This is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that came from cannabis breeders from B.C. Grown. The aim was to have a cannabis strain that has the most appealing pineapple flavor. The whole idea of growing something for its exceptional flavors is not entirely new in terms of marijuana breeding. There are so many strains that have been developed to bring out the flavor preferences of various growers. To prove this, you will get several tropical strains in the market, including pineapple express and pineapple Kush.

In particular, this pineapple 99 strain is a cross of pineapple and a Sativa-dominant hybrid known as Cinderella 99. These two parent strains are well potent and have high THC levels of about 20%. To compare that, the pineapple 99 strain is similarly relatively potent with a good THC range of around 15 and 20%. Narrowing down to the effects, this strain reflects the Indica-dominant genetics during the latter stages.

After the beginning short-term euphoria feelings, the physical effects of the pineapple 99 strain will be more and better. According to users, you will experience a deep body relaxation as well as a pleasing calm feeling.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

  • Aroma- As you could expect, the pineapple 99 strain has a pineapple-like aroma that is very intense. Even though the tropical aroma dominates this strain’s flavor, there will be significant hints of fruity, skunk, and citrus notes. You must be asking yourself whether the taste is as good as the aroma. Let us find out below!
  • Flavor- From its name, the strain has an overwhelming flavor of tropical sweet pineapple. To offset the sweeter taste, the strain has some sour and skunk notes.
  • Appearance- The buds of this strain are dense. You will also learn that the heavy trichomes coating brings the strain some frosted appearance. In terms of growth height, the plant will get up to 51 inches. This should never pose any problem for potential growers.


The highest recorded THC content in the pineapple 99 strain sample was around 20%. For CBD content, just like other hybrid strains, this one is not rich in CBD content. The pineapple 99 strain will have 1% CBD. The hybrid strain has 25% Sativa and 75% Indica, clearly demonstrating an Indica-dominant strain.

Pineapple 99 Strain Grow Info

As is the case for other hybrid strains, the pineapple 99 strain will grow well indoors and outdoors. It will undoubtedly be easier to keep this plant at an average temperature if you wish to grow it indoors. To encourage bud production, you will be required to remove the large fan leaves.

By doing that, you help increase the circulation of air and help with the distribution of energy for the development of new bud. People experienced in growing pineapple 99 strain use stakes that will support the branches as they get weighed down with the developing buds.

Flowering Time

After a considerably long flowering time, indoor-grown plants will be ready to harvest after 9 to 10 weeks. The indoor yield is believed to be moderately 15 ounces for every square meter. Similarly, the outdoor yield is also believed to be ready for harvest at the start of October.

Growers who are, however, impatient might want to cure those buds to enjoy the complete richness of the terpene profile. Drying and curing also help to enhance the flavor as well as the aroma of the buds.

Medical Benefits of Pineapple 99 Strain

In most cases, most marijuana strains are made for medical marijuana consumers. According to research, CBD possesses anti-elliptic characteristics. The use of high-CBD strains has helped to manage the condition. The sad thing is that the pineapple 99 strain won’t help now that it has a shallow CBD content. Some say that the relaxing and uplifting effects of the strain could temporarily relieve anxiety and depression.

Other suggested pineapple 99 strain medical benefits include analgesic properties. This means that it could relieve so many painful conditions. These include daily pains and aches or neurological pain. Lastly, the strain won’t induce too heavy sedation like some potent Indicas. This, therefore, disqualifies it as the best of the best in treating insomnia.

Potential Side Effects

As is the case for most marijuana strains, the common side effects that this strain gives off are dry eyes and cottonmouth. There are also other side effects, but less common, which include increased paranoia and anxiety, and dizziness. Consumers of this strain should be cautious of the amount that they consume in a single sitting. This is the best way of lowering the likelihood of encountering such adverse effects.

Final Thought

Even though tropical fruits are delicious and nutritious, they will never leave you with the happy and relaxed feeling brought by pineapple 99. The question of whether this stands out as the best of the pineapple-flavored strains remains debatable. All the same, this is a high-quality strain that will offer uplifting and relaxing effects.

By Josh Stephen

Despite graduating with an honors degree in medicine and surgery, Josh Stephen did not pursue his career. He had a great interest in CBD products, and he launched a self-help group that targeted people suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress. Josh later finds a breakthrough upon researching different kinds of CBD strains and their effectiveness. He understood that every user has its specific CBD requirement, and he elaborated on the difference between the CBD strains. His 7-year research work and writing have earned him a reputation as the best eBook seller in the CBD industry. He now works as a writer and strains consultant in one of the famous CBD brands.

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