Welcome to Earthseeds.com privacy policy!

Our privacy policy describes the personal data that we collect from our users, the use of data and the conditions that may lead to the disclosure of your data. Our privacy policy will then give details on how they use third party services such as google analytics, cookies and other service providers concerning your data.

The terms such as “The US”, “We”, and “Our” refer to Earthseeds.com website as a data controller.

The categories of data that we collect from service users

The personal data that we collect from our users are;

  • Identity data such as name, address and gender
  • Contact data that includes phone number, email address, and state of residents
  • We also collect the third party accounts information such as the Devise ID, social media profiles, birthday, friends list and other relevant data
  • We may collect geographical information such as IP address, geolocation, browser type, the languages you speak, your operating system and application version.


The specific information that our service collects when you interact with our service

  • When you apply for an MMJ card through our service, Earthseeds.com will collect your identity data
  • When you are accessing our service for the first time, our service will ask you to create an account, and we shall collect identity data and third party accounts data
  • In instances where you subscribe to our newsletter, we shall collect your email address so that we can use it to complete your request
  • The technical data that we collect when you use our service helps us to improve our services.


When you voluntarily give us your data, we collect it. Such data may include comments and any other information that you will share through our Site. Our service does not sell any information that they collect about you to third parties.


How Earthseeds.com protects your data, retain and transfer

Dear user, we may process the personal data you provide to us in our operating offices, located in the united states. Earthseeds care about your data safety, and we put all the necessary safety measures to ensure that data security. While we strive to keep all your data safe, we disclaimer that no data safety mechanisms guarantee 100% security. Our Site uses privacy-enhancing techniques to safeguard your data, and we urge you to keep your passwords safe.


Our service retains the users’ data for as long as they are using their Site. Your data will also remain in our database as long as you are subscribed to our newsletter. When you contact us to delete your data, we shall do so, and we may retain it for not more than three years after you contact us. The technical data are stored and deleted from time to time, so such laws for personal data may not apply.

How earthseeds.com uses your data

  • We use your data to provide, improve and personalize our services to you
  • Your data helps us to develop new products and services
  • We also use your personal information when we want to communicate to you about the use of our service
  • The information we have about you are helpful when we want to customize the advertisements that you view and recommend content for you
  • We use the contact data to complete your requests, send newsletters, surveys and discounts.
  • Your information is helpful to us when we want to contact you when necessary according to the use of our service
  • We use your information when we are protecting our rights and your rights
  • l Your contact information has a role in marketing
  • We may also use your data as otherwise stated in our privacy policy or notices that we provide to you.

Other purposes of data that we receive from our users are for verifying geographic location. Geographic location is important to us when personalizing services to recommend the relevant content and to determine if your request is available in your location. The information that has been aggregated or DE identified may not be associated with an identifier, and it may only serve for business purposes.

Instances where Earthseeds.com shares your data

Earthseeds.com may share your data considering the following instances;

  • We tender contracts with our service providers, and we rely on them to provide support and complete some of our clients’ requests. They cannot do that without your data. We share your data with them to facilitate such functions that may include communications, hosting services, network, security and other technical functions that we shall depend on service providers.
  • We also depend on a service provider to provide us with tracking and reporting functions, website assurance testing, quality assurance testing and notification campaigns.
  • com will share your data with contractors and other service providers who will act on behalf of earth seeds. Such contractors may include lawyers, bankers, insurers and other data controllers.
  • We share your data for business transfers. Such transfers may include mergers, acquisitions and investment when our company is participating. We also share your data when we sell some of our assets or transfer some of our assets to another company as part of bankruptcy procedures or as an insolvency proceeding. Earthseeds.com may also share your data as part of the business procedures with auditors, creditors and third party advisors such as attorneys and consultants.
  • When the data disclosure is necessary for compliance with the law, we have no power to deny it. We disclose data to comply with laws, a judicial proceeding, a court order or any other legal process or subpoena.
  • If service users are engaged in fraudulent activities, we may disclose the data to protect us and others. Disclosure is essential for investigation, prevention and actions against any illegal activity that may threaten our service and our users. We also disclose your data when there is evidence of a violation of our terms of service as per our service’s litigation.
  • In instances where data has been aggregated and DE-identified, our service can decide to disclose it fr business purposes because it does not relate to any identifiable person.

How we disclose your information

Earthseeds will share your data as follows with strict adherence to the terms in the privacy policy.

  • If you consent to us to share your data, we have no obligation to deny it. We share as per your direction
  • We share your data with partners who performs your requests on our behalf, e.g. when you can or send a message using our service
  • Third parties who are acting on our behalf will need your data so that they can complete your requests.
  • When we comply with a court order, judicial request or any government subpoena, we have no power to hold your data.
  • Our service may disclose your data when necessary to prevent any liability, fraud or abusive practices. We also take serious actions to protect our properties, and we share your data when we have evidence that proofs your actions as suspicious.
  • We may transfer or assign your information if earth seeds are or may be purchased by or merged with another firm, or if we are involved in any other business deal (or negotiation of a business deal) involving the sale or transfer of all or part of our business or assets. Finally, information can be transferred as a company asset in the event of insolvency, bankruptcy, or receivership.
  • We may share Aggregated and anonymized data with our partners, marketers, and other third parties.

Third-party Links

You can find A link to a third-party website on our website. When you click on the third party links, it will direct you to the websites of that Site. We are not liable for the privacy policies of third-party websites. You should review the privacy policies of the third parties in charge of the third-party website to see how they handle the information they acquire separately from you.

Data security and transfer

Earthseeds do not entirely provide all your requests. Your personal information is saved on the servers of firms we contract to help us. We utilize administrative, technological, and physical precautions to help secure your Personal Data against loss, misuse, or unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction.

But we are aware that no organization, however, can eliminate security threats. We make every effort to keep your personal information safe, but we cannot guarantee its complete security. We, therefore, urge you to choose a unique password for our Services to help protect yourself and your information and do not use the same password for our Services as you would for any other website or online service.

Children privacy

Anyone under the age of consent is not permitted to use this service. We never gather personally-identifying information from children under the age of consent. If a parent or guardian discovers that their kid has provided us with Personal Information without their consent, they should contact us immediately. If we learn that someone has provided us with Personal Information with their consent, we will erase the information from our records.

To the extent that the General Data Protection Regulation governs Earthseeds’ processing of your personal information, We rely on your affirmative consent to process your data when you visit our Site. Our Site may also use your personal information for direct marketing purposes, and you have the right to object at any time to such use of your personal information for this purpose.

Your information choices

If you have existed in our mailing lists and feel it is time to stop it, you can email us, and we shall remove you from our list. When you opt out of our mailing list, you won’t be receiving marketing, promotional and any other SMS from Earthseeds.com. Our services may still send you non-promotional messages and emails, including emails about business relationships in which we may be involved.

When you visit the Site, you get a chance to choose the tracking methods, including third-party tracking of your online activity over time. We may also give you a choice to decide about tracking your online presence and other presence on other websites. Cookie acceptance is enabled by default in most Web browsers. You may normally change your browser to delete cookies and reject cookies from our Site or third parties if you wish.

You are at liberty when you don’t want to share certain data with us, but we may not be able to provide you with the service if such provisions were necessary to accomplish a certain request. You won’t be able to access some of our functionalities and features on our Site.

If you wish to know the type of information that earthseeds.com knows about you, you can send a request, and we shall be glad to get back to you with details about your data. You should be ready to adhere to our verification process because we will not serve you until you prove your identity to us.

A Notice to Users from EEA

If you are an EEA based user, take time to read the following information concerning how we process your personally identifiable data

  • We process your data based on consent so that you can be able to register for an MMJ card on our Site, or you can use a mobile app
  • Our service may process your data for legitimate interests. We may only not process the data if such interests override the fundamental rights and freedoms which may need data protection. Our service will rely on legitimate interest when providing their service on the Site and mobile app when diagnosing the analytics to know the number of visitors using their service. We also rely on a legitimate interest to know the pages you view, your posts, and the reviews you leave on our Site.
  • Our service will rely on legitimate interest when optimizing users’ experience, preventing cyber bullying, fraud and ensuring good network and data safety. In addition, we use the legitimate interest factor when analyzing our customer satisfaction when providing information and ensuring good management practices.


Data subjects from European economic area have the following data rights;

  • Right of access
  • Right to limit our access to his personal information
  • You have a right to request for rectification of your data
  • You can object to data restriction and the use of your data
  • You also have a right to data portability.

EEA residents can exercise their rights by sending a request to us. Your request should include your name, postal address, email address and other relevant information that will facilitate quick action. You will then write a summary of your request and include a date, signature and address for correspondence.

Our service will serve you for free, and you won’t incur any charge, but you may have to incur a reasonable fee if your request is unfounded.

The next step after filing the request form is to get a notarized power of an attorney. If you are acting on behalf of a deceased, you need to attach a certificate that confirms that you are their heir. Our team will take time to review your request, and they may get back to you in a month. The service can extend such periods as if they will need more time to act on your request, and we shall notify you when we have such delays.

If the response that Earthseeds.com will not satisfy you, you have a right to exercise your legal right in court.

Notice to Nevada Users

If you are a Nevada User, you can write us a request that directs us not to sell your data, though we do not currently sell any personal data. You only do that to be safe if our practices changes in future. Email us, and we shall be happy to act on your request.

Cookies policy

Our service uses cookies, web beacons and URL information when gathering your data regarding interests, the time you visit our page, and the time spent on the page. Our service uses both session and persistent cookies to customize a more personal experience for you.

If you are not okay with using cookies in our service, you can reject them, but we may not be able to offer you or services. For example, cookies help us when we are doing data analytics, such as in google analytics.

Changes and updates to our privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes to the Policy at any time. We have noted the date the Privacy Policy was last updated above to assist you to stay up to speed on any changes. If you give us your contact information, we will notify you of any changes to our Privacy Policy. In addition, you maintain the right to object to (1) processing practices and (2) the replacement of data controllers, subcontractors, or sub-processors who handle personal data at any time.

Dispute resolution

We value you, dear user, and we do everything within our capacity to satisfy you. However, if you feel that Earthseeds.com are not acting according to your wish, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we shall try our best to address your concerns. We are willing to go the extra mile if you feel we are acting on your request inappropriately. Just let us know.

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