Customer data security is vital, and Hemp Lifestyle Magazine cares about user privacy. Our privacy statement gives you information on how the website will be saving your data when you provide it on the website.

Hemp Lifestyle Magazine is dedicated to protecting the user’s data whenever they use the website, and they accord the visitors privacy according to the privacy statement.

Our website is liable to make changes to this privacy policy, and you should regularly check the website privacy policy in instances where there are policy changes.

The data information from the user

Hemp Lifestyle Magazine will be asking for the information as highlighted below;

  • User name
  • Email address
  • Contact details or any link to social media platforms
  • Age, gender, preferences, and any other demographic information
  • Survey responses/offer
  • Third-party accounts data, social media profile, friends list, birthday, and Apple ID
  • Technical data: Geo-location information, the browser type, language and identifying information, the operating system, and the device types.

How Hemp Lifestyle Magazine use the user information

Our website uses your data for improving user experiences. Here are the few ways that Hemp Lifestyle Magazine will use your data;

  • Your data will help us to improve our existing services and develop new services to enhance user experience
  • The user information is vital when recording for the internal user database
  • We use your email to notify when Hemp Lifestyle Magazine has offers, discounts, or customer information.
  • The data from our customers are also prudent for market surveys. Surveys will help us to improve our services by considering the views of our clients.
  • Consumer data enable us to tailor our services to suit your needs
  • We use the related services from the users for marketing purposes at hemp
  • We use the information you provide us to contact you when we have a good reason concerning the services, we provide for you.
  • We use customer information when we are investigating illegal and fraudulent activities.
  • The information we get from users is important when we protect our rights and the rights of the users.


Hemp Lifestyle Magazine values data security, and we always make it our priority to secure our clients. Our company employs sophisticated physical and digital operational procedures in place to safeguard your information.

We may process your data in all our operating offices, which are located in the united states. Hemp lifestyle takes a reasonable responsibility to protect the information we receive from you from authorized people, misuse, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

Our website puts in place appropriate measures, technical administrative, and organizational measures to accord data security. Our website may use privacy-enhancing technologies such as encryption, confidentially, and utmost integrity. We strive to accord you data safety, but we may not guarantee 100% data safety y due to cyber-crimes.

Some instances will propel us to share your information. They include;

  • We provide your information to the service providers or the support team when you request a service and the only way, they can deliver to you is through data processing. The service providers using the data you provide to us are the service providers, technical team, support team, and website analytics. We may also need to process your data during the notification campaigns and functions.
  • Our website will also share the information with third-party providers such as the subsidiaries, joint ventures, and other companies under common control.
  • We process your data to make our Site available to you to ensure a smooth and safe performance. We may also serve your data to third parties in legitimate interests to provide our users of the Site the rights to enforce the terms and conditions.
  • Our site may share data with contractors and service providers who will then act on behalf of to process and control the users’ rights. The data controllers may include lawyers, bankers, auditors, and insurers.

Data transmission is not explicitly permitted in the law. Still, in signing our terms according to this privacy policy, you are consenting to us that we may, if necessary, share your data to any law enforcement sector when defending against a government treat and public safety.

  • Our website will also disclose your information during the business transfers. Business transfers may include a merger, an investment, or an asset transfer. Business transfers may be due to bankruptcy, insolvency, or when acquiring a loan.
  • We disclose your information when we are responding to a legal process. The data disclosure may result from compliance with the law, a court order, or a judicial proceeding.
  • We disclose your information when we are protecting our rights and your rights. We Disclose the data when necessary to investigate, prevent or take action against any legal process, a suspected fraud, or the extreme situations that may threaten our service.
  • We may also share aggregated and anonymized data with third parties for advertising, market research, and other similar purposes.

How discloses user data

Here are the ways through which we can share your data;

  • We only share your data when you consent to it
  • People who perform services on our behalf will also receive your data. Your data will be processed by our support team when you send a message.
  • We share your data when we are fulfilling your request
  • Your information may be disclosed when we believe when the law demands them. It may be in response to a court order, judicial, or a government subpoena
  • We disclose your information when we believe it is necessary to prevent fraud, liability, or abusive activity. We also disclose your information when we protect our rights, property, and terms of service.

Cookies policy 

Our website uses cookies. They are tiny text files that are available on every Site. The Site places the cookie file in the drive when you grant permission. When using cookies, web applications will appear to you as an individual. Cookies will curate a smooth experience for the end-user and notifies you to enter another site.

Cookies enable our website to check the pages that our customers visit. The information from the cookies helps us to enhance our services to customers. We remove cookies when we have the data, and we can only access it when the customer consent to it.

Our customers can change cookies setting anytime whenever they want by adjusting the settings in their browser.

Users under 18 years

Our website adheres to the child online privacy act of 1998(COPA). It prohibits children below 18 years’ access to the Site. We, therefore, request our users to be aware of any prohibited activities on our website because it can subject them to legal action.

Our service does not target anyone under the age of service. Our website does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from the underage. A parent or a guardian should take responsibility for the children misusing online services. You should report to us if we unknowingly collected the data from your kid, and we shall remove such data from our database.

Hemp processed your information according to the general data protection regulation, and we entirely depend on your consent before we take any action. Such consent is given through an affirmative ascent when you visit our Site.

How processes EEA based user data

  • We process your data based on consent to provide you with the possibility to register for an MMJ card through our website
  • When we have other legitimate interests unless they are overwritten by the user’s interests and the fundamental rights and freedom. Our website relies on legitimate interest when we provide for the mobile site app when diagnosing analytics to assess the number of visitors benefiting from our site services. We may also exercise our legitimate rights when we are optimizing our users’ experience and preventing cyber-bullying.

Data subjects from European economic area or the UK will have the right for;

  • Right to rectification
  • The Right for data access
  • Right to limitation of processing
  • They also have a right to data portability
  • An EEA individual has a right to restricting the use of personal data

When you want o to exercise your rights, you will fill a written request that contains the following information;

  • Name, postal address, and any other data identifying a person as an EAA resident.
  • Give a detailed description of your request
  • Signature, date, mobile number, and correspondence address.

When exercising your rights, our website will time to evaluate and process your request. The whole process is often free, but in instances of unfounded claims, fouls play, or speculations, we charge an appropriate that our responsible team will decide. We uphold all rights to deny your request when we have reasonable findings that your request is unfounded.

You will attach a note from an attorney on your request in cases where you are acting on behalf of a dead person or heir. You should also attach the certificates of the heirs on your request.

In instances where you are not satisfied with the response from Hemp, You reserve all rights to follow a legal process. You will do this when you are sure that we isolated your rights. All our consumers are entitled to exercise their right to defense in a court of law.

California privacy rights

The California consumer privacy Act CCPA applies to Our website contains California’s disclosures that apply to personal information, which are subject to the law. Our website does not sell personal information according to the California privacy rights act.

You can request your personal information under CCPA, which was processed under 12 months, and we shall accord you a right to request twice a month. When checking your verifiable consumer request, you must disclose sufficient information to identify you as a person. Your request should also contain a description of the rights that you want to be addressed by us. We only respond to your request when you have fulfilled your identity and authority requirements.

When verifying you as a consumer;

  • We may disclose categories of sources from personal data that we have about you.
  • Our website may also disclose personally identifiable information about you.
  • We may also delete your personally identifiable data, which is subject to certain exceptions. We can retain only when they are necessary to in our service provision.

Notice to Nevada Users

Our website does not contact the sale of personal information. If you are a Nevada resident, you may submit a request which directs us not to sell your data if we may change our practices in the future. Simply email us through our contact page and let us have your request with all necessary details.

Links to other sites

Hemp Lifestyle Magazine will not be liable for any damages you incur if any links in our website lead you to another website. You cannot quote our privacy policy for data protection, and you will be under the policy of the other website that the link will lead.

User personal information

Our website will not share any information you share with our website except in instances of express orders from law enforcement agencies. Our website will use our user data for promotional and user experience developments.

You may contact us through our website if you need a copy of your information. You can also send an email for inquiries about the discrepancy of the information through our contact page.

Google AdSense cookies and Dart cookies

When a user checks in to a protected area of a website, the server sets cookies to authenticate the user. Login information is saved in a cookie so that the user does not have to re-enter the same authentication information every time they visit the page.

The server also uses session cookies to save information about user page actions to simply resume their browsing on the server’s pages. Web pages do not, by default, have any memory.’

Cookies notify the server which pages to show the user, so they don’t have to remember or re-enter the Site.

Google ad sense may enable cookies in the Site to show you ads depending on your browsing history. Ad sense is a third-party network, and you can only turn them off by looking at Google’s privacy policy. Hemp Lifestyle Magazine does not have control over the Google ad sense policies. The policy will not include any express information about the AdSense policy.

Other ad networks are also liable to the same rules. You will have to be acquainted with other network’s privacy policies to allow you to turn cookies or any other similar feature on or off. Our website uses cookies, web beacons, and URL information when gathering data regarding the date and time of your visit. Cookies also give us data about the pages you searched. We make it our priority to use necessary and security cookies to ensure our website’s safe and proper use.

Cookies are important for data analytics, security, and also improving our user experience. Web beacons are also available on our website and have an important role in satisfying the consumers’ experience.

When you want to modify your cookie settings, you can consult your browser settings. When you delete or toggle off the cookie’s settings, you may not access important features in our website.

Information choices

By emailing us, you can opt out of getting marketing/promotional emails or SMS messages from We may still send you non-promotional emails, such as those about our ongoing business relationships, if you opt-out of receiving marketing/promotional emails and/or text messages.

You can also make requests concerning your personal information, such as changes to your contact choices, changes to or deletions of your information or content you publish, and requests to opt-out of sharing your personal information with third parties.

Please keep in mind that deleting your personal information or content does not guarantee that it is completely removed. Content or information provided on the Services is removed.

When you visit the Site, we and others provide you with the following options regarding the use of tracking methods, including third-party tracking of your online activity over time and across multiple websites and online services.

Cookie acceptance is enabled by default in most Web browsers. You may normally change your browser to delete cookies and reject cookies from our Site or third parties if you wish. If you choose to disable or reject cookies, you may be unable to use any of our Site’s features or services. You can download Google Analytics Opt-out for certain browsers to opt-out of web tracking by Google Analytics.

You can also refuse to allow some third-party advertising partners to utilize cookies to provide adverts targeted to your profile and interests. While we and others provide you with choices as detailed in this policy, there are various ways to communicate your preference to deactivate tracking via Web browser signals and other similar mechanisms, and our Site may not be aware of or honor all of them.

If you choose not to share certain data with us, we may be unable to provide you with some of the Site’s or Service’s features and functionality. You may be entitled to know what personal information We hold on to you and correct any mistakes.

The query pages

Post any query or problem in our info channel

Revision of the policy and changes

Hemp Lifestyle Magazine revision of the policy changes is exclusively their role and is subject to the website authority. Our website may not notify the users about the privacy policy changes because they are dynamic. You should always check the updated policy statement whenever you visit our website.

Updated Date: September 15, 2021

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