Purple Kush Marijuana Review: Expected Health Benefits of this Strain

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Marijuana is a plant that has a wide range of benefits. Its use dates back to many centuries ago. In traditional settings, marijuana was one of the best and most effective types of alternative medicines. However, its use is still growing. What makes this plant popular is that it has numerous strains. This article offers a review of Purple Kush Marijuana strain, one of the most common types of weed.

What Is the Purple Kush Marijuana Strain?

It is a pure type of indica marijuana strain. The origins of Purple Kush are thought to be Oakland, California. This marijuana strain is a result of crossing the Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush marijuana strains. Purple Kush is one of the most-sought strains of weed globally. It has the ability to produce a long-lasting feeling of euphoria. Its ability to physically relax the body and blanketing or stimulating the mind are among some of the reasons as to why it’s a top-class type of weed.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Overall, this is a popular marijuana strain that’s attractive. Purple Kush has an appealing aesthetic. It’s a beautiful plant which can easily catch your attention. This Kush can stimulate your nose and engage with your taste buds. , it has a subtle earthy aroma alongside sweet overtones. In terms of flavor, Purple Kush produces a savoring sensation that resembles fresh grapes.

Its sweet aroma that’s reminiscent of grape candy is truly amazing. It also has some subtle hints of earthy pungent. Physically, this is a beautiful marijuana strain. It has a stunningly vibrant color that features glows and sparkles of reds, purple, and pinks. Note that all these colors come in different shades, ranging from faint to bold, light to dark.

Purple Kush Strain: Grow Info

Purple Kush is a strain that has a medium type of difficulty in terms of growth. It’s an indica type of marijuana strain which usually grows low. This weed also has a bushy figure. As a result, it produces high yields when it’s grown indoors than outdoors. This is because its low lying bushy nature is difficult to manage outdoors.

Outdoor Environment Requirements

If you want to cultivate Purple Kush Strain outdoors, make sure that it’s a place that’s exposed to sunlight. This plant requires full-sun so that its low-lying leaves can be exposed to the sun’s rays. It’s also important for the growing location to be dry. Purple Kush doesn’t thrive in a highly humid environment or in a region with high rainfall.  If this marijuana strain is exposed to too much water, it will produce low yields. A highly humid environment also encourages pest attacks and the development of molds.

Indoor Environment Requirements

Purple Kush usually thrives when it’s grown indoors. A cabinet or an isolated room is one of the best places where this plant can flourish. Additionally, this environment allows the grower to control certain aspects such as temperature and humidity. If you are using this environment, here’s the growing information you need to know.

Hydroponics Systems

This is the best growing medium for marijuana when cultivating them indoors. A hydroponics system helps to lower the susceptibility of Purple Kush to pests and diseases. This growing medium is free of fungi and bacteria. However, you will need to add essential nutrients which these plants need for growth.

Temperature and Humidity

Purple Kush thrives in favorable climatic conditions. Extremely high or low levels of temperature or humidity can result in low yields. Generally, these plants need around 65-75 degrees-Fahrenheit of temperatures. The humidity needs to be between 50-55 percent while the plants are in the vegetative state. But once they reach the flowering stage, the humidity level needs to go down to around 40 percent.

Nutrients and PH

Just like all plants, this kush also needs nutrients in order to grow. So, if you want high yields, ensure that you add all the essential nutrients into the hydroponics system. This strain thrives when there is an adequate supply of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. In addition to those, calcium, sulfur, and magnesium are also secondary minerals which are vital for healthy growth.  Purple Kush requires a growing medium with moderate PH.

Flowering Period and Harvesting

This weed strain usually flowers at around 8 weeks. Most growers usually get high yields if the marijuana was grown in an indoor setting. The average outdoor yield is usually 9 ounces for every plant. Meanwhile, an indoor yield is usually around 15 ounces per square meter.

The Effects of Purple Kush Strain

This is a popular strain of weed that has pronounced effects. It can positively impact your body or simple turn everything in the opposite direction. Purple Kush has the ability to minimize the level of stress in your body. This Kush has compounds which help to stimulate the mind. It enhances your normal capabilities, beyond the usual.

Generally, it leaves users feeling happy and bubbly. It’s great for recreational activities such as parties and you can smoke it will having fun with close friends. It completely melts your body, leading to a sweet and beautiful bliss with a high level of intensity. This weed promotes mental clarity and makes you feel free physically and mentally. For those suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia, this strain is a great remedy. Its calming effect as well as the ability to relax the mind and body all promote a good night’s sleep.

On the other hand, there are people who have reported unwanted effects such as hallucinations. Purple Kush reviews indicate that smoking this weed, especially if you are just starting out can leave you feeling paranoid. In some people, it may result in the couch-lock effect. Furthermore, it may promote food cravings hence you need to smoke it when you’re full.Purple Kush Marijuana

Medical Benefits of Purple Kush

The positive effects of taking this weed are numerous. Purple Kush is the perfect remedy for treating a number of medical conditions. Some of the possible health benefits of using Purple Kush marijuana strain include:

Treating Insomnia

This weed contains anti-inflammatory properties. The kush has a soothing effect on the body and the mind. It calms the mind and allows you to sleep for long hours. It’s one of the natural alternatives that you can use to improve your sleep patterns.

Treating Digestive Problems

This is an effective remedy for treating various types of digestive problems. It has the ability to soothe an irritable bowel and promote regularity. Besides that, it can be helpful in easing the feeling of nausea and also prevent vomiting.

Easing Symptoms of Mental Illness

Mental illness exists in different forms. They are normally treated with conventional drugs as well as certain therapies. However, marijuana strains such as Purple Kush can help to treat mental problems such as chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. However, patients with these problems need to take this weed in smaller doses. A higher dose can be harmful and possibly enhance the symptoms of these disorders.

Note: purple Kush can be taken via smoking. However, there are other better ways to indulge in it, especially if you are unwell. You can take in form of bubble hash, live resin, candies, gummies, and concentrates. It’s also important to take it in low doses. Consuming more than what your body can handle is a serious health threat. If you want to increase your usual dosage, wait for at least one hour and ensure that you analyze your overall wellbeing.

Possible Side Effects of Purple Kush

Although Purple Kush is generally safe for human use, this indica weed can cause serious health risks. And just like all types of marijuana, it can cause the cottonmouth effect. This usually occurs as a result of the loss of electrolytes. Additionally, Purple Kush can interfere with the working of salivary glands, inhibiting the secretion of saliva. The result of this is the cottonmouth effect i.e. dry mouth.

However, it’s possible to counter the cottonmouth side effect. Drink lots of water before you use Purple Kush. In addition, make sure that you are fully hydrated while using this Kush and even after. This helps to hydrate the body and reactivate the production of saliva.

Besides that, some people may end up experiencing severe stress, anxiety, and paranoia. However, these side effects are usually rare and mild. In case you notice that any of these side effects of severe, simply discontinue use and seek medical help. If you are using Purple Kush for medical purposes, always seek the advice of a medical professional first before you start using it.

Final Thoughts

Purple Kush is a popular and effective type of marijuana strain. It has the ability to alter the way the mind functions. Besides that, it has a soothing and calming effect which changes the physical state of the body.  If you use it in moderation, you will experience its significant health benefits which are long-lasting.


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