Rare Darkness Strain

Rare darkness strain is a hybrid strain that has a THC level between 12 and 22%. Therefore, if you are looking for a heavy nighttime relief, the bud will be there for you with its heavily sedative effects. This ideal bud will enable you to get the lights out in sleep plays ‘hard to get. The high will come hard and fast that will send your mind to a hazy bliss.

You will experience euphoric feelings and get lifted in the sense of calm on every part of the mind. The feeling later gets to other body parts slowly, which could pull the body into some sedative high, leaving you sleepy. Its high THC levels are beneficial in treating headaches, insomnia, migraines, and chronic pain.

What is Rare Darkness Queen Strain?

The Rare Darkness strain, as we have mentioned, is a hybrid that is indica-dominant made by crossing Rare Dankness and Grape Ape. The strain was developed by breeders based in Colorado. This strain will prove useful if you want to unwind the mind or catch sleep for insomnia patients.

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Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

  • Aroma- With one of its origin being Grape Ape, the Rare Darkness marijuana strain has a very strong grape scent, and this should therefore not be a surprise at all. Past the first aroma, you will discover hints of spice and earth. Expect a strong scent of these two when you light it up.
  • Flavor- The grapes taste will take center stage. You should also be able to get the spicy and earthy and sweet tinges. Users normally report an appealing tangy aftertaste.
  • Appearance- The Rare Darkness is normally small with a tight bud structure like indica. Its leaves have a moss green color even though purple patches are still visible. Its purple color will allow its white trichomes to stand out easily.

Rare Darkness Strain Grow Info

The good thing about this strain is that its seeds are available for sale online from the breeder. After buying the seeds, the plant can be grown anywhere. If you intend to grow it outdoors, make sure that you live in a warm climate since this strain needs adequate sunshine to thrive. When in the right conditions, the plant tends to grow much faster. However, you must not leave it exposed to heavy rains or extreme cold.

There is also an alternative of taking clippings from already mature Rare Darkness plants so that you can grow clones. Even though you can use the hydroponics kind of setup, this strain will do well in organic soils. Making use of this method could help these plants to enhance the grape flavor.

Flowering Time

  • Indoors- Growing Rare Darkness marijuana strain requires that the breeders offer natural elements. Alternatively, you can use organic methods that will complement the artificial environment. A good beginning is to use soil since this has been proven to help plants reach their full potential and maximize the flavor. The strain will produce from 10 to 12 ounces of bud for every square meter. The flowering time is between 8 and 10 weeks.
  • Outdoors- Just like any other indica plant, the Rare Darkness plant has its flowers when September is approaching the end. There are times when it flowers in early October. All these differences arise depending on the condition in which the plant was grown. When harvest time arrives, you can expect a yield of 10 ounces or even more for every plant.

Medical Benefits of Rare Darkness Strain

Rare Darkness strain medical benefits include temporary relief for anxiety, depression, and anxiety. Given that it is relatively potent, it could help in alleviating aches and chronic pains. People who have fibromyalgia and individuals having muscle injuries could also benefit from this strain. It has strong sedative effects that make it ideal for insomnia patients who need a good night’s sleep.

Potential Side Effects

The Rare Darkness strain is one potent strain whose THC level goes beyond 20%. This strain will rarely cause paranoia or anxiety except in the instance when it is used excessively. Other common side effects include headaches, dizziness, a dry mouth as well as dry eyes.

Final Thought

Generally, the Rare Darkness strain is used by most people to unwind after a long day of hard work. This is a good strain if all that you want is to chill and sleep. The great nighttime companion has a delightful aroma that will lure you in. its taste will also make you want to return for yet more tokes. However, you are advised not to take too much of it since that will send you to sleep forcibly.

By Josh Stephen

Despite graduating with an honors degree in medicine and surgery, Josh Stephen did not pursue his career. He had a great interest in CBD products, and he launched a self-help group that targeted people suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress. Josh later finds a breakthrough upon researching different kinds of CBD strains and their effectiveness. He understood that every user has its specific CBD requirement, and he elaborated on the difference between the CBD strains. His 7-year research work and writing have earned him a reputation as the best eBook seller in the CBD industry. He now works as a writer and strains consultant in one of the famous CBD brands.

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