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In this Remedy Strain Review, we’re going to give some background information on what remedy strains are, how they look, how they smell, what their medical benefits and potential side effects could be, and much more! So, if you want to find out more about remedy strains, keep reading!

What Is The Remedy Marijuana Strain?

If you’re thinking about bringing a product, you better become familiar with it first. In this Remedy Strain Review, we’re going to give you all the facts, so you know what you’re buying. This remedy strain is a mix between two other strains: Afghan skunk and Catatonic. Don’t let the name ‘skunk’ fool you; it doesn’t smell bad! And it’s also entirely safe for use!

One main concern that you may have is that remedy (or Z7 is also called) will make you high or have marijuana-like severe effects. However, we’re here to let you know that you can put those fears at rest since the remedy has a meager amount of THC, which is the chemical that makes people high. According to an article on Way of Leaf, “Realistically, there isn’t enough THC in Remedy to cause an intoxicating high even in novices.”

So, you don’t need to worry about not being marijuana regular! This strain is very mild and will therefore not cause any of the drug’s frowned upon effects. You may feel more relaxed and like your negative thoughts are slowly starting to dissipate. Users of Remedy report feeling less stressed out and enjoy its soothing effects.

Aroma, Flavor, And Appearance

remedy marijuana strain

Now, this part is essential if you’re thinking of purchasing this particular strain. What does it smell like? Does it smell like a shady neighborhood? Are the cops going to raid my house? Well, not to worry, in this Remedy Strain Review, we’re going to give you all the facts! When it comes to the aroma of remedy, we’re happy to report that it is not at all abrasive; in fact, it’s incredibly subtle and comforting. Users will be able to detect vague hints of lemon and pine hidden amongst a nostalgic scent of green forests and earthly soil right after it rains, which will bring you back to camping trips and hiking trails.

The smell also has whispers of floral aromas, as if you were standing in your grandmother’s garden, surrounded by daisies and forget me notes as you watch the sunrise over the rolling hills. This is a fantastic strain for beginners when it comes to flavor since it’s incredibly smooth and easy on the lungs, just like it smells. It has a vibrant fruity taste, with hints of berry and lemon that pair perfectly with the earthiness. It’s the smoking equivalent of taking a steaming cup of fruity tea out on the porch on a crisp autumn morning and drinking it slowly as you watch the pain trees sway from side to side.

Remedy comes with a playful, nostalgic appearance to match its forest-like, rustic scent. The plant comprises adorably small, spade-shaped buds that look like tiny Christmas trees standing dutifully at the store, waiting to be unwrapped at a warm home. The leaves curl and intertwine like Art Noveau vines in the subways of Paris and have lovely streaks of yellow ochre and Vandyke brown that give it an authentic look.

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Flowering Time

Apart from looking lovely, having a pleasant smell, a spring-like flavor, and a low THC content, the remedy also doesn’t take very long to grow! According to Cannaflower, “Remedy is a ‘fast-flowering hemp flower strain, requiring only between 6 to 8 weeks and maturing towards the end of September and beginning of October.

” So, if you’re the type who’s very impatient, this is the strain for you! This strain can also grow both indoors and outdoors, producing quite a large yield of “14 ounces per plant,” according to Robert Bergman.

Medical Benefits

Alright, we’ve talked about how it looks, how it tastes, how long it takes to grow but let’s get to the most important part: what does it do? How can it benefit you?

Well, users of remedy have reported several benefits, including:

  • Feeling more relaxed
  • Being free of negative thoughts
  • Feeling a slight sense of euphoria or overall happiness
  • Finding a sense of satisfaction and tranquility
  • Feeling less anxious, less depressed, and less fidgety
  • Experiencing a flowering sense of joy and contentment

If you’re looking for physical benefits, then we’re happy to report that users have said this Remedy strain helped them with:

  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle tension
  • Muscle soreness
  • Headaches

If you currently have to deal with any of these ailments, then remedy may very well to be the solution! After all, it’s all-natural, safe, it doesn’t have mental effects that are too noticeable, and it promotes wellbeing.

Possible Side Effects

And now we’ve come to the minor fun part of this Remedy Strain Review. What are the side effects?

Well, we’re happy to report that there aren’t many to speak of! According to the article we mentioned earlier, “With such a low THC content, Remedy is highly unlikely to cause extreme side effects such as paranoia and anxiety.” So don’t worry about it making you stressed out! The chances of that happening are close to none!

If you’re still feeling a little hesitant, don’t worry, we have more than one source. According to weed specialist Robert Bergam, side effects “[don’t] often occur especially when users keep the dosage of herbs to a minimum. However, some adverse effects may become more pronounced depending on tolerance level and consumption. Being cannabis, users can expect these reactions to include dry mouth and eyes.” Now you can shop without worries!

Final Thought

Well, now we’ve come to the last bit of this Remedy Strain Review, and we think we’ve got a great product to recommend! With something like remedy, which smells fantastic, looks rustic and relaxed, feels excellent both in the body and the mind, there’s not much to criticize!

We can confidently say this product is a good fit for people who experience some anxieties in their everyday lives or deal with pain in general and would like to try an easy, all-natural solution.

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