Strawberry Strain – A Marijuana Strain Review

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There are many uncertainties about the features of this strain; however, people are very much in favor of doing it. It is believed that its benefits are pretty relaxing, and it has a gentle smell. What is intriguing about this strawberry strain is that its genetics are a complete mystery! Here we are going to discuss many of its aspects. If you want to know more about this fantastic method of CBD consumption, keep reading, you will enjoy it!

The Strawberry marijuana strain, as you will soon realize, can seriously help you with some medical issues such as depression and anxiety.

What is Strawberry Strain?

The strawberry strain is Sativa, which genetics are a mystery. There is some evidence claiming that its origins are in the Netherlands. It is widely used in Dutch cafes (fun fact: they do not care much about percentages!)If you are looking for a marijuana strain that will give you a moderate to low high, you might find what you are looking for.

This strain will provide you with a pleasant smell and flavor, and it will be great if you want to start using cannabis. This type of marijuana will provide a cerebral high, but it will not be overwhelming. That is the reason why I believe it will be a good suit for a starter.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

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  • Aroma: The strawberry strain is a pungent smell that might be spicy, which fixes perfectly with a fruity scent. This might be the most fantastic smell of strains in the market.
  • Flavor: The flavor of the strain is magnificent, as some described online. The mixture of fruits provides a sweety flavor that is irresistible while also you can scent a spicy hint. As some would say, this is the best strain in the available options.
  • Appearance: The way strawberry looks has a large number of nugs that are covered in some trichomes.

Strawberry Strain Grow Info

What is pretty interesting about this strain is that all the genetics are a complete mystery. This generates more curiosity and more interest. This also means that nobody can assure that they know how to grow it ideally. Some claimed that growing it indoors is better due to the hydroponics setup that could happen.

The “Sea of Green” method might be the best one for growing Strawberry Marijuana Strain because it will boost your plants. This plant does not significantly grow as tall as others do. This might end up being an advantage since you do not need an excellent place to put it.

Flowering Time

As you now know, there is not all the information needed to say the perfect timing, but we can have a good idea. When the growing takes part outdoors, the plant is ready for harvest by the middle of October. Indoors the growing time is around eight weeks. This strain will produce a lower quantity compared to some other strains. Another aspect of the strain that will help you grow is that the plant is resistant to some pests and potential diseases in the growing time.

Strawberry strain

Medical Benefits of Strawberry Strain

As with many other marijuana products, this one also has some medical benefits. Some would argue that you should not use it as a medicament. However, nowadays, it came to be very popular as an MMJ option. Some users cannot handle a high THC percentage in the strain. This user will gladly use this option with low THC.

Also, its taste will generate pleasure in the smoker. The people looking for a stress or anxiety reliever, this might be your best option. This strain will provide a boost for your mood and with a low level of THC. Many of the users claimed that they feel lighter and calmer than that they would be with other medicaments.

Its moderate THC content might not be suitable for chronic pain. Yet, the MMJ patients which mild pain will see some significant help in this strain. Strawberry strain medical benefits might not be many, but they are helpful for some users, and I would say that it does not hurt to try it.

Potential Side Effects of Strawberry Strain

There are some side effects to every marijuana product. They provide many benefits and especially medical ones, but you need to be careful about these side effects that could appear when using them. It would be best if you were sure that you could handle those, so I would say that always consult with your doctor before using them.

Some side effects appear more often, and some might occur or not. That usually depends on the individual. All of our bodies are different, and we take marijuana differently. The side effect that may or may not appears to include dry mouth and dry eyes. However, if you use a small amount, you should not have any significant issues, and the effects will be mild.

Final Thoughts

Here is an exciting reflection about Strawberry Strain: “There isn’t a huge amount of information on cultivating Strawberry. It is probably best to grow it indoors, although it does okay outside. Please note that its yields are relatively small. Then again, for many users, a little Strawberry is better than a lot of most other marijuana strains!”

As many would argue, the Strawberry is the best strain out there. The combination of aroma with the flavors and the appearance will blow your mind! The fruity flavor with the fruity scent is hard to beat. Also, the mild cerebral high will help inexperienced users handle the high and not be overwhelmed. They will not suffer from intense intoxication while helping you deal with pain and anxiety.

Remember strawberry stains next time! It can bring many benefits that you will enjoy compared to some other medicine. Enjoy and be healthier!

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