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You have always heard about it. It seems like everyone is narrating how CBD has brought them relief. You might have heard it from co-workers claiming how it assisted them with anxiety and depression. People are also turning to CBD vaping as a way of quitting smoking.

With all this craze, had you sat down to ask yourself about what this CBD is? What are the different types of CBD, and how does it help with different problems ranging from mental to physical. This article will take an in-depth look at the different types of CBD available and which one suits you best.

What is CBD?

Before getting to the types of CBD, we need to understand what CBD is. CBD is the short form of cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids you will find in hemp plants. The hemp plant belongs to the cannabis family, only that it has a high CBD content. On the other hand, marijuana, which belongs to the same family, has more THC content than CBD. If you wonder what THC is, it is the chemical compound that causes the euphoric feelings commonly associated with marijuana.

CBD is generally extracted from this plant’s stalks, leaves, and flowers instead of hemp seed oil. Hemp seeds have no CBD oil despite having nutrients similar to flax seeds. For a long period now, THC has been the focal point for most researchers and cannabis enthusiasts.

All the same, in the 1980s, CBD gained more attention from researchers. However, in the past few years, scientists and health communities have taken CBD very seriously. By now, we are aware that CBD has benefits just as THC has but with no high. After the 2018 farm bill that legalized industrial hemp, more perceptions and knowledge has been unveiled about cannabis. In this case, CBD is being used for a wide range of purposes.

How Many Types of CBD are There?

In theory, there could be so many CBD oil types based on the CBD content and the process used in extraction. Ideally, there are 3 types of CBD that you will come across. These are CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD, and Broad-spectrum CBD. Let us have a closer look at every type of CBD below.

CBD IsolateCBD isolate

This is simply pure CBD. It is the only type of CBD that doesn’t have other cannabinoids, fatty acids, or terpenes from hemp plants. Even though it comes in powder form, you could get it in oil form as well. As you might be aware, the full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD types have the entourage effect. This does not, however, mean that CBD isolate is not beneficial.

CBD isolate is cheaper than other forms, and the good thing is that it is legal in all 50 states. Even though no CBD product has more than 0.3% THC under federal law, isolates have none whatsoever. This proves to be beneficial for people who are allergic to THC and other cannabis cannabinoids. In the liquid form, isolate is used in vaping while the crystal form is taken sublingually.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD

These products have all the goods that the cannabis plant offers. These include the full range of therapeutic cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG. It also includes essential fatty acids, terpenes, and flavonoids. All these compounds have different benefits, not forgetting that they help CBD work effectively.

According to research, this CBD type offers better relief compared to isolate and broad-spectrum products.
This type of CBD is the only one that has THC. You should not worry about the THC since it does not exceed the required level of 0.3%. This is enough to produce the entourage effect and does not cause a high.

Broad Spectrum CBD

broad spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum type of CBD has all the naturally occurring phytochemicals in hemp plants apart from THC. The extraction process for this product is initially the same as full-spectrum CBD. In the end, however, THC is isolated. These products bring you synergistic benefits that the entourage effect brings. You will also enjoy other benefits from THC-free cannabinoids, enzymes, flavonoids, and terpenes.

What is the Best Type of CBD oil?

Inadequate scientific research determines the best CBD type known to produce the best benefits with very few side effects. In this regard, the ideal type of CBD oil will vary depending on your lifestyle, purpose, and individual preference. Other factors could as well influence your choice. Athletes, for instance, should use THC-free products.

If you would like some refined products added to different substances with no potency loss, CBD isolate will be good. On the other hand, if you do not care about a little bit of THC, you could go with full-spectrum CBD. The best bet for people looking for heightened effects without THC will be broad-spectrum CBD.

Regardless of the type of CBD you settle for, you need to understand that they are not a one-size-fits-all type. It, therefore, means that trial and error could apply at times.

Final Thoughts

All the three types of CBD that we have listed can give off several health benefits. The best CBD product for you will depend on several factors, including your health, location, and lifestyle. Scientific evidence shows that CBD can support the overall well-being of both humans and pets.

Several studies in progress help us better understand how CBD works in the body and different forms of CBD. However, one thing that should cross your mind is that what works for one person could not necessarily work for you. However, we do not rule out the chances of trial and error to get your perfect choice. What we are saying is that caution and patience are necessary.

By John H. Den

John H. Den dedicates all his time to educate people on why they should not suffer anxiety, stress, and depression when CBD can help them. He writes many articles about CBD and how to choose the best brands with high potencies. His work is an inspiration to many people, and he now receives many contracts from the top CBD brands because of his in-depth knowledge.

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