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As pot legalization and the market for products that contain hemp as an active ingredient continue their expansion, more and more strains of cannabis are becoming available. This should be old news if you’re an experienced pot consumer. You might have even got used to the typical effects marijuana has on your body and have become just another part of your tedious daily routine. To you, I present the White Ryder.

This brand new and state-of-the-art marijuana strain is becoming more and more popular among weed consumers due to its slow-burning and absorption time and its potent THC levels that can get you high for hours. If you want to know everything about it, don’t miss our White Ryder Strain Review.

What Is The White Ryder Strain?

White Ryder is a new cannabis strain resulting from blending cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica with a 30%/70% proportion, respectively. Riot Seeds created this strain. They aimed to make “a ruderalis version of White Widow. The breeders crossed White Dwarf with Lowryder to give us a wonderfully potent and enjoyable high that lasts for hours on end.” ¹

Lowryder can be recognized by its size, as its maximum height is 16″ (or 41 cm). Don’t be fooled by the size; this little plant can give you much more than what you think. It takes only 7-9 weeks for this strain to flower, and it’s usually very resistant, which means, even if you have close to or no experience at all growing weed, it’s straightforward to grow from the get-go. White Ryder has inherited this robustness.

White Ryder’s other parent, White Dwarf, is from Buddha Seeds and is known for its medicinal properties. This strain is used to treat severe chronic pains and other ailments. It is held in high esteem for helping people who suffer from sleep deprivation. In combination with Lowryder, they create a challenging and powerful blend.

Its high THC levels characterize the White Ryder marijuana strain. “How high?” You may wonder. Well, the highest test for THC content showed White Ryder buds could have up to 24% of THC. This guarantees you’ll be increased for an extended period. On the other hand, the research found no amount of CBD in it.

The large amount of THC this strain contains may be discouraging for rookie smokers. However, it’s a friendly invitation to experienced users who are looking to try something new out. When smoking, you’re likely to feel relaxed while, at the same time, positive vibes will fill your spirit.

The Perfect Combination Of Taste, Smell, And Appearance

At first glance, you are likely to notice the small size this plant has. Its green leaves are covered with trichomes bunched in its center and top with long pistillate hairs that tend to be painted with a dark orange color. When speaking of White Ryder buds, their size is usually medium, and they tend to be gluey. The aroma this weed has when you smoke can be described as earthy and herbal. As the nugs are burned and the buds break apart, “its herbal undertones and fruity overtones”² will intensify and start to fill the room with a relaxing scent. You might be able to smell some hints of wood and spice too.

When it comes to its flavor, White Ryder is also very distinctive. Its peculiar taste will transport you to a warm cabin in the woods in combination with the relaxing sensations. Its flavor has some hints of herbs with fruity shades. This will give way to a piney taste when you exhale the smoke. These three unique features of the White Ryder strain have made it an excellent choice for marijuana users looking to try something out of the ordinary. Even for those experienced weed smokers, White Ryder will provide them with incredible new experiences relatable to when they got their first pleasing and unforgettable high.

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What’s This Strain-Growing Process Like?

White Ryder

Growing White Ryder Marijuana is so easy you won’t even have to enroll in your social club’s Botanics course to do it. As a direct descendant of the Lowryder, this strain is resistant to moderate to low temperatures. Its small size facilitates growing it inside your home, too, and allows you not to worry about it breaking in half due to the wind when planting outside. It repels common pests too, so you need not buy any harmful pesticides.

Being the offspring of two auto-flowering strains, it’s no shocker that White Ryder has this same quality. Auto-flowering plants’ main characteristic is that it isn’t necessary to vary the light pattern when shifting from vegetative to flower. For adequate growth, you should light the plants for 18 hours each day and keep them in the dark for another 6. The flowering of this strain is relatively quick. It usually takes only two and a half months for this weed to be ready to harvest. In some cases, it might even be prepared to consume in just 60 days. “In terms of yield, outdoor growers can expect around 12 ounces per plant on average. Indoor growers can expect a return of between 10-12 ounces per square meter.” ³

Health Benefits Of The White Ryder Strain

White Ryder strain medical benefits include the treatment and reduction of several diseases and ailments in chronic pain-relieving. Users have reported that it helps manage the symptoms of depression, too, as its calming properties help clear your mind out of self-harming ideas.

The plant has proven beneficial to people who suffer from anxiety disorders or have trouble managing stress and relaxing. Patients with OTC may find it especially helpful as its analgesic effect could present itself as an alternative to their painkillers. It’s great for treating other psychological problems such as PTSD and bipolarity too. People who find difficulty in having a good night’s sleep might also want to check it out.

Potential Side Effects

As we’ve seen above, there are many illnesses that this variety can treat of weed. However, as it happens with every marijuana strain, Indica, Sativa, or blend alike, the lack of funding for research makes it difficult to get hold of all of its benefits and, unfortunately, harmful side effects. What has been reported is that, as this strain takes some time before manifesting its effects in your body, many can over consume it. The ugly fact is that, due to overconsumption, instead of feeling relaxed, many users might feel unable to think or move comfortably until the marijuana effects end.

Moreover, the considerable amount of THC the White Ryder has might cause some users to experience paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety; the same conditions should help those who smoke it. You should always ask your doctor if you feel any harmful psychological or physical inconvenience.

Some Final Thoughts On The White Ryder Strain

The way society thinks of marijuana is shifting towards a more accepting environment for weed smokers. Nevertheless, the war on drugs is still ongoing in the US, and growers, especially those that grow weed for personal consumption, are frowned upon and, in some states, even harassed by police officers trying to comply with the law. This could discourage people from growing their pot and force them to buy the ever more expensive buds.

On the other hand, the medicinal benefits (and why not the pleasures too?) of the White Ryder strain make it worth going through some obstacles to get your hands on it. The relatively low effort planting it demands, whether indoor or outside your home, pays the trouble of getting the seeds of the plants without any scope of doubt.

Interest in weed and hemp products is soaring. It is proven by the appearance of different strains, some of which push the limits of what we thought possible regarding the amounts of CBD or THC a plant could contain. Such is the case of White Ryder. Riot Seeds’ creation will be difficult to overcome, but we are at the beginning of an exciting race to get the best weed anyone could want. The ending is very far.

All in all, this innovative strain from abroad has its pros and cons. It’s challenging to come by the elements to plant and cultivate, but it’s easy to grow it once you have. The high amount of THC makes it inadequate for inexperienced pot users but is precisely what may attract long-time consumers and those with high THC tolerance. It all comes down to weighing your needs and deciding if the White Ryder strain suits them.

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